Happy Day

Kind of an amazing day, one I wasn’t sure would even happen. The country has a long way to go, but maybe it will make it after all. As for me after my 1 1/2 hour breaking trail through heavy snow (don’t think I got very far!) this morning I feel like I was on the rack. It was worth it, though, and if, by 11 the temps are still below freezing and I feel up to it, I’ll go break more trail. I read last night that spraying silicone on the bottom of my waxless skis is a good idea for breaking trail in wet snow or changing snow conditions. I think it might just be. I love my skis, but they don’t equal the back country skis I had in the 80s. The big advantage to skis you need to wax is that you can adjust the slipperiness of the bottom of the skis to fit conditions. It’s also good to keep the metal edges sharpened.

Maybe between now and when I think I might head out, some other diehard old person will be out breaking trail. And, if you read that as a metaphor, you’re right.


21 thoughts on “Happy Day

  1. It was such a wonderful ceremony. In my lifetime I have seen many presidents come and go, beginning with Ike Eisenhower, but have never been so moved as I was today watching the ceremony.

  2. We are all breaking trail on this new day and a new way forward. Such a huge relief, even as I know the journey is ongoing. My heart lifted when I read this morning that 45 had left washington. Phew! I have hope.

      • Hope you’re feeling a bit better this morning (although, my experience reminds me that 24-48 hours after a fall is when things feel the worst). Cheers, at least there is progress on some very important fronts. It occurs to me that your balance may have been off, owing to the lifting of a profound weight carried for the past 4 years. Lots to recalibrate. And as we reminded each other at the ice rink: Ice is slippery.

  3. Waxing skis is half the fun. I bought a pair of waxless skis when I lived in California because snow conditions change so rapidly – from sun to shade, through the course of the day, different sides of the mountain – it was a pain in the ass. Here, the conditions tend to be more stable and the right wax, or combination of waxes, lets you sail along and still climb hills. I love being out in the north woods, breaking trail as a means of transportation (faster than snowshoes, and faster yet on the return trip).

    • I’m not sure what I’m going to do. I went out this morning to some wonderful snow after the nordic club set track for me (really for me). I took a fall, and my bindings betrayed me. I ended up post-holing and carrying skis for 1/4 mile. I decided today that ideally I’d have two pair of skis, these and a wider pair and I don’t like the bindings I have at all. Anyway, the shop told me to bring them in. I will, but I plan to switch them out. In a thrift shop a few years ago I found skis just like my old ones, but way too long for me. I bought them for $30 because I love them and they seemed to call out to me. They’re in my studio with other very personal and important treasures. They have telemark bindings set for a man with size 10 feet. I’m not ready to give up.

  4. Today was a great beginning! I’ll begin to relax after a few days of not hearing from 45, but 46 and his VP did very well today, and set the tone to get things done. I’m sorry the skiing was less than perfect — but it was nicely snowy, and you did get out there to break more trail (and so did others!)!

    • It’s all OK. I just need to deal with the bindings on my skis and I will. It could be so much worse. Mechanical problems are just mechanical problems. I agree that today was a great beginning! I think the next step should be liberating women from high heels! 😀 I just kept thinking, “Their feet are going to hurt!!!” It was nice to worry about THAT, though. Honestly, I feel a little strange now that it’s all happened. It’s been so long since I didn’t have to worry about the gubmint, but now it’s in the hands of people who aren’t self-important egoistic jerks. I’m happy, too, that Biden will have the house and senate behind him.

  5. It was a wonderful day! I celebrated this evening and am going to sleep with a calm and untroubled heart… Finally our country is NOT in the hands of a madman!!!

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