I’d Like to Say it Was Fun, but…

I broke one half mile of trail through 10 inches of wet snow while the temperature went up. Then, for a while, I had a chunk of ice on my left ski which diminished the minimal pleasure of getting to ski back home in my own tracks, but that turned out OK because I fell which gave me the chance to scrape the ice off the ski.

The first time I fell was right when I got across the street into the golf course. A nice young woman stopped her car and helped me up. “I could never do this back country skiing.” I thought, “Golf course?” but as it turned out, back country skiing is exactly what I ended up doing.

Sadly, I don’t think it’s going to last long enough to entice the San Juan Nordic club to come out and groom it. My plan tomorrow is to drive over there and break the rest of the trail. Nietzsche said, “That which doesn’t kill us makes us stronger.”

In other news, shoveling this morning, the “girls” and I all met up with our shovels and had an impromtud “party.” Then, later, I noticed my rabid Trump supporting neighbor out there with his dog. The dog wagged his tail at me so I shoveled my way over to him and helped him a bit. I’m fucking burying the hatchet on all of this. Any man who has a sweet dog like that who wags his tail when he sees me can’t be all bad.

16 thoughts on “I’d Like to Say it Was Fun, but…

    • I didn’t hurt myself. The good thing about X-country skiing is that while it’s possible to hurt yourself, it’s not easy. Tomorrow MORE!!!! 🙂 ❤

      • Winter finally got there! Do you take Bear when you go skiing? It dropped about 20 degrees overnight, and it’s very windy now — cold Santa Ana winds that are going up to gusts of 75 mph in some locations! We may actually get some rain later in the week!

  1. You have that “look of eagles” in your photo! So much resolve and concentration! It is wonderful that you got to go out on the skis… Hope the cold holds long enough to to allow for a couple more outings – on the skis and out with Bear!!

    • I’m heading out in the morning which the snow is still cold. I love that, “look of eagles” — I was concentrating because I know the ground under that snow very well. 🙂

  2. “I’m fucking burying the hatchet on all of this.”

    That’s what we all need to do. And you know what? Bury that hatchet even if the other guy seems reluctant. Being angry and hateful does NOT encourage the other guy to mellow out. Contrary to what some people think, good government ought not to be an eternal arm wrestling match.

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