Some Decent Snow, a Little Politics

We haven’t had this much snow since early September. Truth. Today I get to confront the dilemma which is a surfeit of riches. My two favorite outdoor activities — walking with Bear in the snow and X-country skiing on the golf course. I’m pretty sure that the one I will choose will be walking with Bear in the snow, but wow. To have to — get to — choose!!!

I love snow so much that, when it has fallen in the night, I wake up because the light changes. At the moment Bear is exhausted from playing with Teddy in the snow for three hours, so I suppose I’ll go out and shovel. The snowplow has spun my mailbox around, but at least it didn’t knock it down and scatter the parts asunder. (I got to use “asunder”)

I think, after tomorrow, hopefully, inshallah, life will lighten. Last night I looked at pictures of Washington Mall as it has been decorated ahead of Biden’s inauguration. Personally, I’m so sick of show and fanfare that I would like Biden to be inaugurated in the living room of Blair House with no one there but the press, Dr. Biden (my hero), Kamala and her husband, but I guess we can’t do it that way. Maybe a little fanfare is appropriate. It’s just that the showboating fanfare of 45’s regime was so grotesque and continuous that well, you know. If you have a party every day you never have a party. But the decorations are appropriate and moving. When I looked at the flags that are standing in for an audience on the Washington Mall ahead of Biden’s inauguration I felt sad and peaceful at the same time. People SHOULDN’T be there.

My cousin has had to go back to the ER. She’s physically stable now, but the virus is affecting her mental acuity. We’re hoping it’s just a temporary thing. I’m sad and scared for her and I think about the families and friends of the 400,000 people who have died! ❤

I think one thing that will happen with Biden resulting from his seriousness about the pandemic is that we won’t have to struggle against the lies which has meant struggling against our feelings. NORMAL feelings in this situation are apprehension, conviction and sorrow. Trump distracted us from normal human emotions during this time with all the gaslighting and deflecting and ignoring and denying of the reality that people have died and people are ill. This left us to feel anger, frustration and fear. All along I’ve believed it should have been one single minded purpose toward minimizing the casualties, in real life, not through mere denial, coupled with teaching people how to be safe. That couldn’t be done with “leadership” like Trump. That Dr. Fauci’s life was threatened was shocking, shattering.

I also thought about the lies and ruckus from 4 years ago when, in the face of palpable evidence to the contrary, 45 insisted his inauguration had more people than Obama’s had had. Joe Biden isn’t going to have an easy job. He’s not a young man, but he’s had training for this job, and he’s intentionally gathered experienced people around him that he already knows he can work with. When people say its “Obama 2” I think, “If I had to take on this job with a mess like this, I wouldn’t want to break in a new staff. I’d want to know the people I’m working with so we can just get right on it.” I think that’s what he’s done. My hope is that the impeachment trial doesn’t take precedence to moving ahead with crucial appointments. The only advantage I can see to convicting 45 is that it will mean he won’t get the perqs former presidents usually get. I want to add that I don’t really care WHAT party a president comes from as long as he or she is a good, ethical person who cares about the American people. My belief is that good leadership is leadership that allows the people the freedom to do what THEY do while the people in government take care of what they were hired to do.

The pictures of the Washington Mall are here:…/field-of…/2545279/…

21 thoughts on “Some Decent Snow, a Little Politics

  1. Yay! You got way more than 3″ you were hoping for. Here’s hoping your political situation settles like the fluffy snow on your deck, a comforting blanket! Sorry about your cousin, I hope it is a temporary setback.

  2. Yay, for snow. How did Teddy like it?

    I saw a photo of Joe Biden lying on a bean bag with his dog. If he can get off that bean bag himself without needing a hand up, I think he will do fine in his new job. Also, I really liked that in the background of the photo there was a lot of general household untidiness so that is probably why they aren’t holding the inauguration at home. 😉

  3. Exactly; it’s been difficult enough to struggle with our isolation and fears, but to have all of those lies, besides, was just too much!
    Your cousin certainly remains in my thoughts, Martha.

  4. I don’t care either about what happens to Trump as long as he never holds office again.

    I did like Biden’s speech. It is the kind of attitude we need. I don’t believe the arm wrestling we’ve seen for many years is the way to a better world. We need healing and appeals to unity. he’s got to figure out how to be the president of the people who didn’t vote for him as much as those who did.

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