Painting vs Evil

Painting has turned out to be an effective strategy in other dark times and seems to be working now. It makes a big difference to me to focus on something beautiful rather than something ugly. And making something beautiful seems to be the definition of positive thinking.

Yesterday Facebook showed me a painting I did last year when I first got the natural pigments. Looking at it (and I like it and am proud of it) I thought, “You’ve come a long way, baby.”

Snowy Trail (actual size)

It’s been important because in no other sense have I been able to “get anywhere,” especially in these times when so much is out of my control and so much of it is bad and scary. The little painting above is 5″ x 7″ (13 x 18 cm)

Right now I’m painting garden signs. They’re fun, colorful, don’t take up a lot of space, and people buy them. My order of acrylic paint finally arrived late last night (??,) so I can finish a couple garden signs that are hanging fire and start one that needs a color I couldn’t mix.

I listened to Biden’s speech yesterday and his plan is expensive (initially) and ambitious, but I think his point that if people HAVE money they can SPEND money and with the rolling out of vaccines, people will be able to go into the marketplace more freely. I know that when I don’t have money, I can’t spend it. Most of all, his plan is kind. Right now that’s worth a lot to me. I doubt Trump will ever get his comeuppance, but I really don’t care, do you? 😉

35 thoughts on “Painting vs Evil

  1. Like the pictures a lot. To be honest I think that wiring my blog helps to take my mind off the day to day chicanery of the devious and nefarious politicians in both our locations currently. If the incoming President has a plan that sounds like it may work, then this looks to be a step in the right direction. He has much work to do, I fear, to convert the naysayers and doom scrolling flat earthers though.

    • Biden does have a big job. He doesn’t have to convince everybody, but the government itself is ill, I’m afraid, n in both our countries. Writing my blog does that for me, too, usually, but that’s up to me. I have to use it in the right way. 🙂

  2. Hey, that’s my painting 😊 And if I could travel your way, I’d get that garden sign too! I’m partial to bees. It is amazing how creating with your hands eases stress, whether it’s painting, weaving, gardening etc., I find it calming.

  3. Beautiful paintings, both the one from a year ago, and the garden sign. Having a creative outlet during stressful and turbulent times is a lifesaver!

    As to your question, do I care if Trump gets his comeuppance? Hell yes. YES. Consequences matter. Without them, those so inclined to cause mayhem and be insurrectionists will only be emboldened to do the same. I’m heartened that the FBI/law enforcement (at least, those there who aren’t/weren’t sympathetic) are arresting and charging those who rioted and invaded the capitol building. Consequences matter – losing one’s job, having a criminal record, being put on a terrorist watch/no-fly list – and will make some of them, and others like them, think hard (assuming they’re capable) before behaving so stupidly and despicably again. Consequences matter, especially in an historical context, which is why I hope this second impeachment gains momentum and results in real, felt consequences, which will be a warning to those who might try following his path in the future.

    • I think Biden’s agenda should take precedence, but that Trump should be prosecuted to the furthest extent of the law. However, all Trump will do is whine and feel victimized. He won’t get it. I also want to see his ugly children dragged through the worst that is coming to them. I’m filled with serious hate for those people. I know I’m not alone.

      BUT I also have a feeling that the FBI is going to do a lot of work to pull these shits off the street and awaken them to the reality that what they have so blindly believed is patriotism is against the law. Some of them don’t even seem to realize that breaking and entering, unlawful trespass, etc. is even wrong. Even my neighbor thinks these people did the same thing as the BLM riots and doesn’t seem to realize a lot of people were arrested during the summer, too. She’s a good person but a selective news watcher…

  4. I love your paintings and this garden sign is beautiful – a stark contrast to the political scene. I do want Trump to get his due (and I’m waiting to see what the NY District office has for indictments on Jan 21st). As for his nepotism and the parasitic offspring he dragged into his presidency, I hope they discover that the “floor is lava” and that the silver spoon has rusted… I heard that Ivanka has aspirations of holding political office. Perhaps she will find that politics is not as lucrative as her papa has made it out to be and will change her mind. (One can hope.) I am all for kindness and Pres-elect Biden seems to embody that ethic…

  5. There’s a difference between just spending money and investing money in our future. There are a lot of things we’ve been allowing to decay and go unrepaired from infrastructure to edcation simply because it invoved spending money without considering the return on our investement.

  6. Painting is a really beautiful way to calm down during the stresses of lockdown and the pandemic. It’s so lovely, what we can create with our hands, whether it’s a painting or just a quick sketch. I wish I was as talented.

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