It’s been a really long day. I sincerely hope no one really expected that by turning the page on the calendar, things would be better.

Today I cleaned out all the old oil paints bequeathed me by an old friend and filled her nice paintbox with acrylics. It’s sad when oil paints go bad but they do. I wrapped books I have promised to people and the yard sign I made for my cousin as a prayer, I guess, that she’d live to see it. I followed the news to see how impeachment part deux would play out (but I already knew), and even I think it was a foolish waste of time and made our country even worse than it is. Not that I think the insurrectionists (including 45) should get off scot free, but I think the Amish and Mennonite practice of shunning might be a better direction. We need vaccines, jobs and peace. I don’t think the second impeachment helped because I don’t think 45 gives a rat’s ass about whether he’s impeached or not. He just wants his Twitter account restored.

I’m just going to try to paint my way out of this mess. Paint and walk the dogs. I can’t see any other ropes to which I might hold on. I plan to take a break from WordPress, but we’ll see how that goes. Just know it’s not you, it’s me. ❤

21 thoughts on “Done…

  1. What a mess! (DC not you!) I’m glad you could create order in the paint box and beauty on the garden signs. I cleaned today – it helps to keep my mind off things I can’t control. So I have a spotless kitchen floor, all the laundry is done, the carpets have been vacuumed, toilets cleaned and even the stove and microwave cleaned too (but not the oven -because I’m not insane)! Sparky and I went for a little walk before noon and had to dodge the melting and mushy goose poop all over the park. It made the walk a little treacherous and was part of the reason I needed to mop!

    • Yeah, it’s a terrible mess and I’m really sad today. I did a lot of cleaning, too, and the sorting out and all that. Hopefully tomorrow at least feels better to me. Goose poop — that will be part of my life in about 6 weeks. 🙂

  2. I think maybe the Amish and Mennonites have the best idea — I’m hearing that McConnell thinks today was the best way to purge the Republican party of Trump! Enjoy the painting and the Bear walks! Feel better, and come back soon!

      • I feel somewhat better today, and will relax a bit more after next week’s events. We WILL survive it, and the sun will shine again!

        • ❤ I am very apprehensive about the inauguration, but once he is out of office and the FBI continues finding insurrectionists, maybe… Meanwhile, you're right. We will survive it and most days are not, for me, like this one has been.

          • Yay — it has been a long day for you, and for me! I had a doctors appt and had to set up for another tomorrow, I ordered a week’s groceries, and picked them up (but didn’t have to do the actual shopping!) — and did my regular day of blogging and emails! It was warm but gray — I’ll be glad when spring comes again! Hang in there, and stay in touch!

            • Janet, I really, really, really appreciate my WordPress neighborhood. Your encouragement means a lot to me especially because I KNOW this isn’t easy for you either. ❤

  3. Today I was glad I didn’t have time to watch TV — last week I sat for several hours in tears, angry and ashamed and horrified and fearful! I love the fact that, with very different experiences, you and I think a lot alike, and struggle with the same sorts of issues. There are some wonderful people on WordPress — and you’re one of the best! ❤

    • ❤ Thank you. I thought once that some how blog readers "self-sort" and find the conversations that belong to them. I don't recall how we started reading each others blogs, but I remember our REAL conversation started during a wildfire. Little germs of authenticity appear in writing that we might not see any other way and they are really wonderful. I think who we are ESSENTIALLY is beyond our background. Maybe it's how we survive it! 🙂

  4. There will be purging and like you, peace is my quest. Keep in painting and being you. I totally understand. Your words echo my sentiments. Xo 💚🐶

  5. Cleaning out, purging, sorting lends a sense of control when we sorely need it. Wondering why you will leave wordpress? have you found another platform? Can’t imagine not seeing your posts.

    • Shun Trump et al.

      Oh my god, like “Attack of the Killer Tomatoes.” It could start in a thrift store where all the paintings that dead people’s relatives had given them rise up in the night and demand space in the Guggenheim…

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