Tracking Numbers

I’ve been having bizarre experiences with shipments. I’d say mail but it hasn’t been just mail. It’s kind of funny, really, and in these serious times we could use a little absolute irrelevance…

I ordered art supplies from a large online retailer, several tubes of acrylic paint. First, the package was delivered to the wrong person. They emailed to tell me this and that my package was on the way. Well, since I’m running a store, and it needs stock, I was a little irked but really who cares? OK. Then, the package arrived and it was….

Someone else’s order. A lot of stuff, a couple of things that were useful to me, but no.

I contacted them. In the middle of the night I heard a “ping!” in the distance and saw they’d shipped my RIGHT order. Cool. Now I get to send all that other stuff back. Even the nice brush. Waaaaa. First world problem, absolutely.

The books I read for the contest are also lost somewhere. No one actually KNOWS where. My “boss” says we’re giving it a couple more days.

And then, my dog food shipment has been delayed and the company doesn’t know why.

It seems to me that the main assignment of mail order companies is making sure the right stuff gets to the right people, but… Even my stimulus payment got set to the wrong bank account. Now it’s here.

Life just requires a lot of patience in the midst of absurdity.

One thing that’s VERY horrendously absurd is the little piece of patootie who was elected to the US House from my district is a Q-Anon follower. While the Capitol was being attacked, she was Tweeting the locations of various Dem house members to people involve in the insurrection. The way I feel about her is not a way anyone should want me to feel about them.

I’ve contacted a person I think would make an ideal representative, and he’s responded. He’s currently serving in the Colorado General Assembly and is an awesome guy. I think he’s perfect to represent a district that’s immense in square miles but short on people, mostly farms and ranches, punctuated by one fairly large city and a few smaller cities and a LOT of small towns like mine. Meanwhile I am trying to figure out exactly when and how to circulate a recall petition. I hate politics, I don’t want to play, but sometimes…

15 thoughts on “Tracking Numbers

  1. I definitely want this as a bumper sticker: “Life just requires a lot of patience in the midst of absurdity.”

    I think that should be the catchphrase for the continuing nonsense that is our current administration. We need buckets of patience. But, then again, sometimes it is better to get in there and try to change the ridiculous to something more tolerable. I hope you can at least step a toe in that uncomfortable direction and make that recall a reality.

    • Colorado law states that an office holder has to be in office for 6 months before a recall petition can be filed… SOOOO…maybe she’ll self-destruct in the meantime.

      I don’t think anyone would read the bumper sticker. Maybe cross stitch samplers? 😀

      • I’m running out of space on my walls for any more aphorisms and framed artwork. Perhaps I’ll get a tattoo. But it’ll have to be shortened as I do not like pain. Maybe: “Patience in Absurdity” will suffice.

        • Ha ha ha ha! I have a tattoo. It’s really ugly and it’s a Celtic knot. I am, myself, a Celtic knot, so it’s also redundant. I wish I had the $100.

  2. I do hope the paint arrives safely. We waited for a couple of Christmas letters that didn’t arrive until nearly 3 weeks after they were mailed… I read that and thought, “No it can’t be true, can it?” I relayed it to Sparky (the supreme skeptic about negative news about the GOP) and his first question was about the source of the report. When I showed him the ABC and NBC reports along with the Boston Globe he had to acquiesce and believe it was true. I hope she get the boot – from congress and maybe a fast track to some jail time…. Unconscionable!

    • The paint should arrive tomorrow — I think it might because it’s in Colorado now.

      I don’t see those people as GOP. I see them as something else completely. It worries me that a lot of republicans (like my neighbors) don’t seem to realize that just because these people say they’re republican doesn’t mean they are. I realized today after a phone call with my neighbor that after the pandemic and everything is over, we’re probably just going to be friendly/polite to each other. It’s OK.

  3. I’ve had trouble with packages. A curtain (although I’ve grown fond of a sheet I hung) had supposedly been dropped off my front porch and Science Diet, the maker of Finn’s food, no longer has her Stress/id small canned food with added probiotics to aid her small stomach. Apparently, dogs must endure the stress too. I called the company since I participate in “Hills to Home” (her food ships directly to me via an account I set up through my veterinarian) and the man wasn’t for sure when it would become available. I asked, “Is this shortage due the amount of dogs who now have stress over 2020?”. The man laughed. There was some truth in my question. 💚🤨

  4. I recently got a delivery for the ice cream factory down the street. It had their name but my address on it. It was a 5 gallon bucket of something. I walked it down to the factory office and was asked, “Did you try it?” I said I didn’t open it so I didn’t actually know what it was. He said, “Just a minute” and came back with a 1.5 quart tub of their ice cream (and it’s better than what they sell at the corner store – the stuff at the store is flavored with vanillin and the stuff he gave me is flavored with vanilla.)

  5. I periodically have spats of messed up order delivery. I’ve been fortunate the last two months. Ill have no deliveries in February.

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