And THEN… A LONG month and it’s only the 11th

This past week was a month long and yesterday was the longest week in the month. I learned from my cousin’s daughter that her mom is in the hospital with COVID. She said the doctor told her it was not looking good and she wanted to let me know ahead of whatever even worse news she might be calling with later. By last night, my cousin was on Remdesivir and spoke on the phone with her daughter. I don’t know how my cousin is this morning, but I think no news might be good news.

I knew my cousin was ill. She called me on my birthday, and, in spite of her already having C-19 and a very hoarse voice, we talked for three hours, a feat of stamina but it was fun. When I expressed concern she just said, “It’s OK. I’m OK with whatever happens.”

We haven’t seen each other since 1999 when we partied like it was 1999 at my Aunt Martha’s 80th birthday party. Linda is a few years older than me, but that didn’t keep us from being close friends growing up. For a while we lived in the same town. Our moms were close. And even after we moved away from Colorado, they visited, we visited. When we returned to Colorado, my cousin had morphed into a young woman and soon after, met the love of her life and got married. Our whole lives whenever we got back together it wasn’t as if no time had passed, but we were able to pick up at our points in our lives and carry on.

I lost her for many years. I didn’t have her right phone number, the address I had didn’t work, her email didn’t work. The last time (before this past year when her daughter found me on Facebook) I spoke to her was 2008 when my Aunt Martha died. I was at my Aunt Jo’s helping with the funeral. My cousin called to tell us she couldn’t come up. We talked a long time and I tried to get her to understand that since Aunt Martha was dead, she probably wouldn’t noticed if Linda (my cousin) wasn’t there so it was all good.

I have kind of a dark sense of humor.

My cousin is on oxygen 24/7 as it is. She’s gone through two bouts of breast cancer and various other physical vicissitudes. Her son lives with her and brought COVID home with him. He drives a shuttle bus for the transit service and they both knew that no matter how careful the transit service was, or he was, it was possible. As they vaccinate frontline workers etc. I wonder where transit workers fit into the schema?

This is a long haul, isn’t it.

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  1. I’m so sorry, this must be very hard for all who love her. I’m hoping for the best. I love your history together and I’m so happy that you had the chance to have that marathon phone call with each other. I’m now signed up, as an in person teacher, on a wait list for the vaccination, though they said it may be weeks, as they have nowhere near the supplies they requested and expected. it’s a horrendous situation on so many levels.

    • Yes it is horrendous. There’s a little knot of anger inside me (maybe all of us?) that has no way out and no way to change anything. It’s like Agent Orange just said, “Let them all die.”

  2. Hoping it all goes as well as it possibly can. Waiting, wondering, not knowing. Very hard for most of us. One breath, one step at a time. (boy am I tired of being reminded of this, and I recognize that its probably a sign that I am still alive)

  3. I’m sorry to hear this, Martha. I’ll pray for comfort and healing. Your memories and conversation keep her spirit alive. This is a horrible thing.

  4. Oh, Martha — I’m so sorry to hear this. I do hope t hat the Remdesivir helps, but it will be a long-haul recovery at best. And I hope her son will be ok, too!

  5. That is very hard news to get. I hope all goes well. It has been a tough year and like Steph said we all know one day, one step at a time…but it doesn’t make the heartache or worry any less.

  6. Hoping you’ll soon hear good news that she’s feeling better.
    Covid-19 seems so weirdly unpredictable. Son-in-law’s uncle, dying of bone cancer, was recently diagnosed with it. He’s in terrible pain, can’t stand on his own, yet we hear he’s recovered from the virus. The next person in seemingly good health succumbs.

  7. It must have been a very worrying time for you and I am glad that your cousin is recovering. Perhaps you will be able to have another phone call when she is feeling better.

    • Thank you. ❤ Yeah, we haven't seen each other in a long time and our reunion in 2020 couldn't happen. I hope to talk to her after she's been home a few days.

  8. I hope Linda continues to improve, Martha. She sounds like she was lucky enough to get the best of care. It is so very worrying. The world is not finished with her yet and hopefully you will have your reunion some time this year.

  9. I’m so glad to learn in the above comments that Linda is better, and going home! She sounds like a wonderful cousin — and friend — and I do hope her daughter does get to know you too!

  10. So sorry about your cousin. COVID is all over the place in our state. I hope she recovers.
    P.S. A fellow San Luis Valley peep! I used to co-own a hardware store in Monte for a few years. Those were some heady times (late 70’s-early 80’s). The Valley is a magical place.

    • Thank you! My cousin has recovered well, thank goodness. It was touch and go twice.

      I see you’re in Denver now so we kind of traded places. I was born there. Lived there, moved with my parents, moved back to the Springs, back to Denver, then to China, back to Denver then CA for 30 years. When I retired I looked for THE place and here I am. I love the SLV and am grateful every day that I’m here. I would like to have seen Monte in its more prosperous times.

      • Glad to hear your cousin has recovered.

        Yes, our paths seem to be opposite mirroring. No doubt the Valley has changed a lot since I lived there. It wasn’t very welcoming to a female business owner and one who was pretty young at that. But I hold no grudge, it’s a truly beautiful place.

        • I can imagine that. I had my own strange interaction with the good old boys not long after I moved here. Not surprising, but not pleasant but also not deadly. 😉

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