Painting Against the Gotterdammerung

Art is the only way to run away without leaving home” pretty much sums up my feelings at this moment. I have no great inspiration right now, but just the act of painting, realizing an idea or facing down a challenge, is healing and distracting.

On my birthday, I spent the morning on the phone with my cousin for whom I did this painting as a birthday gift from my cousin’s daughter:

On the phone she mentioned she loved it but what she REALLY loved was the painting on the back which is my “logo” — a little quickly done painting of the mountains near my house, notably, Windy Mountain. So, I decided to paint her a little painting featuring that scene (featured image).

The big project I was struggling with was a salmon colored poppy. Red poppies are easy because the color is intense and self-reliant, but salmon? When you start mixing colors and are dealing with pastels, everything is trickier, for me anyway. Not my favorite painting, but not a total failure, either. This garden sign is 23 x 12

Meanwhile, they’re alleging snow, but Bear and I are skeptical. I’m not doing great art at the moment. It’s been an intense and artistic few months and the psyche is a little tired, not to mention the relentless scary ugliness of current events. SO… I guess I’ll just keep painting toward better days and hope for snow… March is sometimes the snowiest month of the year.

This poppy is in my Etsy Shop.

12 thoughts on “Painting Against the Gotterdammerung

  1. Art therapy is a constructive way to deal with this situation. I’ve broken into my chocolate stash and have gone through a bag of M&Ms. So now I’m on an austerity diet – no more candy, no more cookies, no chocolate anything. I have sewing to do and packing for my adventure. We are armed with N95 masks, hand sanitizer in multiple forms (including the spray for door handles and other surfaces) and I’ve been practicing my “get away from me” stare to enforce the 6 foot physical distance…. Right now there are many who are maintaining a stiff upper lip in public but are less brave and less together when in private. I’m trying to stay hopeful but the tension is wearing on me too.

    • I’m sure it is, Val. 9/11 didn’t affect me like this has. In fact, it didn’t affect me at all except I saw in our response to it a dangerous future and here we are. Have a wonderful adventure and glare at all the people you need to.

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