“So, Martha, how did you spend one of the darkest days in American history? Did you hide under a blanket and watch PBS?”

“Something like that. It started out OK. I didn’t want to sit here listening to people say the same things over and over, but at the same time that was what I wanted to happen. So, I just put my earphones in, put the phone in my pocket and went outside where I dragged plywood out to the deck and cut it into paintable sizes. I always find using a handsaw a mentally soothing activity. In the middle of listening to them count votes, the shit hit the fan. Then I cleaned off the deck. Then I put water in the birdbath and cleaned up the dog shit.”

“How did that work to distract you or clear your mind?”

“Not great. I mean, it didn’t change anything though it DID improve the yard. You take what you can get, sometimes. I came in and cleaned the living room.”

“Kind of glued you to Twitter, didn’t it.”

“Sadly, yes. But Bear, Teddy and I broke away for a pretty walk at the Refuge.”

“Long day.”

“Long and sad, but I was heartened that Congress reconvened and did its job.”

“How about today?”

“We’ll see. I’m hoping for a solitary walk with Bear, but it is Teddy’s birthday. Anyway, one thing at a time. ‘Care not then for the morowe: for the morowe shall care for it selfe: the day hath ynough with his owne griefe.’ (Geneva Bible of 1587)’ It’s dismaying, though, to read about my country in the international press. Stuff like this:

China mocks US ‘double standards’ over Capitol chaos vs Hong Kong
From officials to online commenters, Chinese critics accuse Washington of hypocrisy in its response to the storming of the Hill by Trump supportersUS siege partly a result of deep divisions in the country, between people who benefited from globalisation and people who suffered from it, analyst says.

South China Morning Post

“The Chinese spin?”

“Yeah. Still none of this is going to be totally wrong. With the world as compressed as it is now, we CAN ‘see ourselves as others see us’.”


“O, wad some Power the giftie gie us
To see oursels as others see us!
It wad frae monie a blunder free us,
An’ foolish notion.” Robert Burns.

“Ah, yeah, well…”

“I don’t have anything more to say. If you don’t mind, I’d like to end this interview and go wash the dishes.”


29 thoughts on “…Sigh…Tired…

  1. My daughter always deals with difficult days by cleaning her house and yard. 😉. At the end of the day, at least she has a clean house and yard.

  2. They say cleaning is good for mental health. It brings order when there is chaos we can’t control. Ophelia and I wish Teddy a very happy birthday!! Ophelia may even have an extra treat to celebrate.

  3. Yep. I wiped down all my cabinets in the kitchen, helped my son make his first Beef Stew, and found my Blessed Chalk. But the news kept breaking into my world. I ended up doing a one hour meditation that helped me calm down. Then it got really weird in the capital and I ended up angry and tense. So I wrote a post for tomorrow. I let it all out. I’m thinking I’ll make it private or delete it. Haven’t decided. Today is a new day with a new president confirmed and just maybe the current orange one will slink away. Perhaps he will do us all a favor and find a nice remote island to terrorize instead of the US…

  4. I, too, was heartened that Congress bucked up and did its job. Other than that, I’m keeping my mouth shut. Anything I say would just be more noise. I’m gonna go watch waves.

  5. Happy Birthday Teddy. And happy birthday to you as well. After the events of yesterday I am so pleased I do not chat politics on my blog. I know these people run my life, however there are other things to talk a.bout

  6. Makea wishes she could party with Teddy. Unfortunately Ama and Fynnie are not party animals. But Makea and Teddy could bark at each other and round each other up. She hopes Mr Amazon has brought his chews. There has to be some stability in this world.
    Yesterday I woke at 6am, heard the news as it was unfolding, so I went back to bed and hid under my blanket. I feel really strange writing about other country’s shit but we are completely dismayed. That sort of shit is being stoked by certain news media here too and even some in government who continue to create doubt about the US election process.

    • It’s awful. Yesterday was awful. But what I saw when Congress reconvened gave me hope. Some of the most ardent Trump supporters backed off from their egregious bullshit — possibly just to save their hide, but maybe out of sincere motives. Most important, the process prevailed and the system held tight in spite of the kind of assault we haven’t faced since 1876 or so. Impeachment articles are being filed right now. Trump made a very lame video calling for unity, but I saw what was going on in Trump world during the insurrection (thank you Twitter and stupid Trump family who post everything) and they were basically in a tent with a four/screen TV watching the whole thing. Trump Jr. was egging on the insurrectionists and his stupid ass family was all there enjoying it. Five people died — one cop was hit over the head with a fire extinguisher, one insurrectionist was killed by a cop, and three others died of unrelated issues. BUT Biden has been confirmed and all is on track for January 20. I wish he were 58 instead of 78, but nothing’s really perfect right now…

      BUT that said, Teddy and I celebrated our birthdays (he doesn’t really understand this birthday thing). I went alone with Bear out to the Big Empty and listened to the silence a long time and gave her the chance to smell things on her favorite trail. Pretty good birthday all in all. ❤ I wish Makea could have played with Teddy. He'd have loved it.

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