“How About NOW?”

My poor dog is trying to wrest from me something I don’t have; rawhide pencils for her morning toothbrushing routine. I feel bad about it. I try to keep them on hand always but sometimes the fates and/or Amazon just doesn’t deliver. She’s tried everything. Sitting back on her haunches, her front paws on my leg. Going “Down!” which, in a perfect world, is followed by a “Good Bear!” and a cookie. Guarding me from foes far and near. All the tricks she knows that normally yield one of these wonders of the western world.

I know how she feels, though. There’s the stimulus payment that seems to go everywhere but into my bank account. I check the portal and it says they have no information which can mean they have no information or I’m getting no stimulus. At least I told Bear we are out of rawhide pencils and she’ll have to wait.


2 thoughts on ““How About NOW?”

  1. I checked my bank account and the deposit is “pending”. How is a deposit pending? Either there is a deposit or there isn’t! Oh well, I’m still waiting on a gift from my mother and a calendar from Current. I’m hoping both arrive soon – I’d hate to waste the first month of the calendar… Perhaps Bear’s pencil chews and my Christmas gift are languishing together somewhere – only Amazon and the USPS know for sure.

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