One Person’s Leftovers Are Another Person’s Treasure

I am very happy with the leftovers from my neighbor’s construction projects. I have a LOT of very nice plywood to paint on. I don’t have a fancy saw — or even an electric saw — so everything I paint will be rectangular, but I have learned to saw a straight line which is no mean achievement. I’m happy, also, with their leftover flagstones that, last summer, we built a pathway from the deck to the little gardens at that end of my yard. Now that it is winter, Bear loves the flagstones, too. On the north end of the yard there is, for her, a constant very cold patch for her to lie on. I also enjoyed painting signs on their leftover cedar fence boards. I’m grateful for all these materials that I couldn’t have gotten on my own.

You just don’t know but what your leftovers might be someone else’s projects!!!

In a few days the books for the contest will begin arriving. THEY will leave leftovers that are a little more difficult to deal with, though just as I wrote that, I thought of all the “book art” I’ve seen on Etsy. Who knows?

15 thoughts on “One Person’s Leftovers Are Another Person’s Treasure

  1. Your garden sign projects are the best fun I’ve seen in a long time! It always comes through when the artist is having a good time painting… If only Sparky would let me put a sign in the garden. Alas, the garden is his domain and he absolutely refuses any “frou-frou girly stuff” in his garden! (I wanted to make some little signs to mark the peas from the beans and the arugula from the leaf lettuce but he was vehemently opposed…

    • Maybe a sign with a picture of Teddy…. 😉

      The garden signs are fun for me. I got the materials for free so they don’t require a huge investment — just paint and acrylic isn’t as pricey as oil. My neighbor next door has them all over her (enormous) yard on her fences and that’s when I realized that people DO this. She has one of mine I painted to thank her for the flagstones. I just really like to paint and I don’t always have an idea for something serious and I really honor those old-school painters who painted for a living not because they were overcome with inspiration. My little Etsy experiment did pretty well for the six months it ran in 2020 considering I haven’t had a lot of stock to put into it or don’t anything special to publicize it. Basically, I just love to paint.

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