Monday, Monday

The grey clouds are shuffling around out there as if they were working, but the odds are against them (and Bear and me). Bear doesn’t know what the forecast says and I’m not telling her. Anyway, they’re predicting less than a centimeter so who cares? Actually, ANY amount of snow makes Bear happy, and I try to follow her lead. She’s not thinking, “I can’t ski on this.” She’s thinking, “SNOW!!!” and she’s right.

Looks like it’s going to be one of those dry winters.

I don’t know about all of you, but I’m tired. I remember this particular week in the calendar from when I was a kid. I ALWAYS just wanted to get back to school, to my friends, to learning things. For some reason, Christmas week was more ennui-filled even than the dog days of summer. Christmas was always supposed to BE SOMETHING GREAT, but it never was. And New Years? What was that? This year has been such a rollercoaster, that right now, at this moment in it, I just wish someone would give me new glasses, that I was better at painting letters, that it would snow FOR REAL and that I could hike for days in the California mountains I left behind. What’s wrong with THESE mountains, you ask? Nothing. They’re great, beautiful, immense but along with the California mountains were two good legs and no avalanches. And snow? Well when it did snow, it was always a LOT more than a centimeter.

I think we’re all tired. Ooops. Here comes the sun.

23 thoughts on “Monday, Monday

  1. The new year begins at the end of this week! I am hopeful that it will bring a new beginning of attitudes, and health! It’s been raining here, in spurts as the cells move past! I love waking up just because it’s raining, and being able to turn over and go back to sleep! It’s the first storm we’ve seen since spring! Enjoy your snow!

  2. We are supposed to get rain sometime. its been in the 30’s and later on in the week into the 40s and perhaps 50. No snow since before the holiday.

    I have to say this week is a quiet one. I don’t usually do very much anyway. But since I moved into the condo trying to get it unpacked and organized and get the things I need for it (more shades, certain things like a microwave or toaster) its been a little busy.

  3. I love that Bear is in love with the snow. We had flurries today. It has been so cold that the neighbor’s snowman family is holding up. The 2 older girls managed Mom, Dad, themselves and their baby sister and then added the much hoped for dog. I have it on good authority that the dog will not happen until the youngest is out of diapers…. However we will be getting more snow. Lots more. I’d send it your way if I could!

  4. We just had the first serious rain of the season here and the first decent thunderstorm in a very long time. We have a covered patio in the back of the house. I laid my sleeping bag out on a cot and watched the lightning, listened to the thunder and let the white noise of the rain lull me to sleep. There was even a bit of small hail.

    Sixteen hours later it is still raining. I bet the high passes are closed and there are feet of snow atop Mt. Piños.

    I hope it is the beginning of a wet winter but that is unlikely. This is a La Niña year.

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