OK, Saturday was bad. The fall, the pain, the confusion, the fear.

Sunday? Held it together thanks to your moral support and the dogs’ patience.

Today. Woke up in the middle of the night (you know). Checked the time only to find an email I was really hoping to get. Then, slept the rest of the night, woke up to a bright and shining day, a less painful shoulder, a somewhat stiff body and a little pain walking. OH WELL. Couldn’t get into the eye doctor. Mailed the rest of my presents and some orders from my Etsy shop. Came home. The mail came. Many magical and unexpected things.

Walk at the Refuge with Bear who was SO happy. Snow on the ground, still, tracks, and poop and WOW. It hurts a little to walk, but not bad and Bear’s in no hurry. I stop her from rolling in elk droppings. Two magpies screech across the empty refuge and I’m glad to her them. Came home. Night fell. Elizabeth texts, “Go look at the Christmas star.” I do and it’s marvelous. I could see both planets with my naked eye which is good because with my funky glasses, I don’t think I’d get anywhere with binoculars.

On my way out the gate to see the star, I almost literally run into my neighbor, the Trump supporter and his dog, Roscoe. Because I was dogless I got to meet Roscoe for the first time. His person and I had a nice chat and exchanged Merry Christmases and I forgot completely the three Trump flags that flew in front of his house for 9 months.

And I think to myself, “This is how life is supposed to be, down to the ‘Merry Christmas’ to my neighbor and his sweet, friendly dog, Roscoe.”

Thank you everyone for your kindness to me yesterday. ❤

And for the first time in 9 months I really think we’re going to be OK after all.

30 thoughts on “Redemption

  1. Glad to hear things are going better AND you saw the Christmas Star! I timed my walk just right for the most wide open area facing the right direction only to find some clouds had moved in:( So, I didn’t get to see the planets, but the sunset was amazing.

  2. What a wonderful Monday! From feeling better, to a good walk with Bear, to seeing the “Christmas Star,” and even to a nice conversation with a neighbor with differing views, that’s the way life is supposed to be! I hope you continue to feel better, and can get your glasses fixed soon! Hugs!

  3. Every new day brings new opportunities for joy. And dogs…dogs are the common denominator, opening doors to connection. Your neighbor’s politics may suck, but if he loves dogs, he’s not a lost cause.

    • No, he’s not a lost cause. I think he just spends a lot of time alone in his house watching TV. In fact, I know he does. He told me as much. All my encounters with him have shown me a friendly, shy old guy who loves Roscoe, whose heart broke when his wife died. He even understood when we happened to arrive at the same trail head at the same time that Bear and Roscoe couldn’t share the trail. He said, “OK. I’ll go this way and you can go your usual way.” That was very gentlemanly, in my book.

  4. I’d missed out on the last few days due to a terrible connectivity at a hotel. Glad to know you are nearly recovered. We have lived through a terrible time, but the great conjunction is a lovely gift to enjoy.

  5. Hugs Martha! I’m so happy that not only is there a convergence of the planets but also an alignment of good news and happy events in your days and nights! I’m way behind in my WP readings but needed to let you know that it makes my heart happy to hear that you are doing better and that hope has blossomed!

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