A Good Book and Decent Art’

I’m reading a book right now that is not in my usual “genre” of stuff I read. This book fits in the category of “chick lit,” which is defined as, “genre fiction, which consists of heroine-centered narratives that focus on the trials and tribulations of their individual protagonists,” but it also isn’t. I will be posting a review sometime soon when I’ve finished. About 20 pages in, I managed to suspend my “I don’t read this kind of story” mentality and was captured by the story. I want to know what happens next and look forward to the moment in my day when I can sit down and read some more.

That says a lot for the book and the writer, but I can already recommend it. The book is Blind Turn, and the author is Cara Sue Achterberg. I’m only about 60 pages in, but I’m no longer reading to write a promised review. I’m reading because I want to find out what happens.

In other news? I’m painting garden signs, and none too soon. The first seed catalog arrived yesterday. That’s BEFORE CHRISTMAS. Gurneys clearly wants to beat out all the rest of those guys, beat out Burpees, beat out Johnny’s Seeds, beat out everyone, and it’s filled with vegetable garden porn. Lettering is the challenging part of this for me, but I’m getting better at it. Maybe I should’ve paid attention to my brother when he tried to tell me about the challenges of lettering, but I had a hard time caring. I couldn’t see 40 years into the future when I’d be lettering signs myself.

There’s no question this whole year has been the pits and the virus the deepest part of the pit. You can’t vote out a virus, but yesterday I took stock in my Etsy store and this morning I realized I’d never have done what I did this year if I hadn’t more-or-less been “liberated” to do it. I like being a working artist. It’s the best job I’ve had yet.


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  1. MY father used to order from Burpee’s and another one that I can’t recall. He would plan months for these things and usually did well.

  2. Ha! I think the true title is Having Fun Artist – when we love what we do it isn’t work!! Anyway it has been a horrible year but there has been growth too so I’m counting it a personal win and hope that you are as well!

  3. Yes! I had that same thought- look what Martha discovered because if the pandemic! I don’t think you’re alone. As awful as this year has been, I think there is much good change in people that never would have happened if not for this situation. And I love the sign- if I knew where I will be living next year and whether it would have room for a garden, I’d be all over it.

  4. Glad you’re enjoying your book. 🙂
    I generally don’t really chick-lit, either, because I like realistic characters with some common sense. With chick-lit the FMCs tend to be thirty-something and behave like “it’s all about ME” teenagers.
    I just read one myself — bought it long ago and I’m trying to go through my Kindle. I persisted but wished the author hadn’t tried to hard to make the story “humorous” with a clumsy, ditzy, volatile heroine — though she’s mid-thirties, widowed, with a teenage daughter.

    • You might like this book. The author said it’s “chick lit” but it doesn’t seem to me to really fit the category. It’s a compelling story 😀

      • I looked it up on Amazon — sounds far more serious than chick lit usually is. Chick-lit is usually mainly about getting a man, a rather mouthy MC, maybe a mystery of sorts thrown in. Started one — and wanted to shred it! The smart-mouth 20-something FMC constantly criticizes her parents, how helpless and dumb they are; they can’t even pack for a trip without her help.

        • There’s a lot more to this story than that. The main theme is forgiveness, an interesting and important theme. the story touches on the complexity of life in general and how difficult it is for us ever to really understand each other. Also, the fact that even when we’re grownups stuff can happen that shakes our sense of who we think we are and we end up growing up more or again and surprising ourselves. I think it’s worth reading. It’s a page turner.

          • It looked really interesting, reading the blurb. You must have an advance reader copy; according to Amazon the book isn’t available until Jan 7th. Her other book, One Hundred dogs and Counting, looks really interesting, too!

            • I do have an advance copy. 100 Dogs and Counting is very good— completely different. I enjoyed that one very much. There’s a dog in it who reminds me of my Bear, a big white dog who was gracefully heroic in Iraq.

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