I have graduated lenses and they are out of adjustment. Yesterday I took a fall, hurt my shoulder and hit my head. Today I’m just tired and angry. If it had not been for Covid (which I actually blame on Donald Trump) I would have filled the prescription for new glasses I got last, yes, March. Early March. BUT…

The optometrist (we have one) didn’t close his practice but it became (naturally) not the place anyone wanted to go unless they had to. His restrictions are sound and safe as can be, and I just figured, “I’ll hold on until this is over,” but no. First one pair of glasses lost a nose piece then this pair of glasses lost a nose piece leaving everything fvcked up. OK. Well…

I read without my glasses. I do most other things with them, like walking across the room. Yesterday I literally missed the floor, but not with my body. I yelled, “FUCK!” as any sane person would and scared Teddy who thought he’d brought about the apocalypse. From his behavior it now looks to me like someone really hurt that little guy back in his former life.

I picked myself up which is not that easy and pondered whether I needed a thing around my neck yet, Hauled myself up by the kitchen sink, bent my glasses back into some kind of shape, assessed the damage. Head, pretty OK; shoulder screaming bloody murder. I strapped an ice pack around my shoulder and sat down with my traumatized little dog.

Seriously, folks, it was almost the last straw.

You know, I think, “Well, OK, I’ll deal with this. I’m a strong and patient person,” but then I end up hurting myself because of it. Migraines? Part and parcel, I am totally sure. I’m sure I’m not alone. I’m angry. I understand peoples’ frustration with the restrictions, though I don’t exactly sympathize.

I don’t know. My plan tomorrow is to call them, take both pair of glasses, hand them to Victor (the optician) and tell him I need nose pieces and sit there and wait.

I really really really want this to be over. I want Trump gone. I want a vaccine. I want a new glasses prescription. I want people not to have to be scared any more. I want the “dial” we have here in Colorado that tells us the “risks” to vanish from my life. I want my shoulder to quit hurting. I want not to whine like this on my blog.

Meanwhile, I’ve gotten to work on the garden signs. That kind of challenge usually cheers me up. Maybe tomorrow. The clever saying on this one, “Weed it and Reap” is not original with me, but I really like it. I have four boards, 32 x 8 inches.

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  1. i’m so sorry to hear that, it’s all part of the virus’ collateral damage, the butterfly effect. feel better soon and glad you can get your glasses fixed

  2. I’m so sorry you fell — and hope you were able to mend your relationship with Teddy! Your plan for the glasses sounds like a good one. I wonder how much maintenance and repair is being left undone because of covid! I just heard that the CDC Advisory Committee has voted to make those over 75 a part of the next round of vaccinations — don’t know when, how, where, but yay! Take care of yourself!

    • I think that’s great! That means my neighbors across the street will get shots soon. I hope then it’s people over 65.

      I had to work a little bit to let Teddy know he hadn’t done anything wrong, but we ended up friends. It was pretty sad, though. I am afraid I got a little window into his pre-Martha life and it made me all the happier that he’s here now with Bear and me.

  3. I don’t ‘like’ it like it, but that’s what we’re here for. Kind of ticks me off to read that Dr Birx travelled to Delaware and went against what she stands for and then lied about it. Poor Teddy. But he knows you love him and that matters. The Eye Clinic protocol is my protocol for the vet visits which all of my cats needed these past three months. I think the glasses might solve the migraine problem. Martha, I hope your shoulder is OK. That didn’t sound good. Weed it and Reap? I love it. I have a sign in my backyard (it is going out on a limb to call it a ‘garden’) that says, ‘Bloom, dammit.’ 😀

  4. Sorry you fell. I know a little bit about how unnerving that can be. And how all is compounded by the new world we live in. Take care ♥️

  5. Oh my! First – I’m hoping that getting ice on the shoulder has minimized the swelling and inflammation. Second – I hope that Teddy is able to relax and is assured that he is a “really good boy!” My friend had a little dog that was about 2 yrs when she adopted him. He refused to even go near the basement door. She suspected that he was either thrown down the stairs and or locked in the dark basement. He didn’t like men at all so the suspicion was that whatever trauma was at the hands of a man. He was a good dog but definitely a lady’s dog. To his dying day he hated men. Third – I hope your glasses can be repaired and that that eliminates the falling and the migraines. And lastly – Hugs and Merry Christmas!

    • Hugs and Merry Christmas to you, too. ❤ Teddy has recovered, but I will careful about yelling around him. Poor little guy. I think your friend diagnosed her dog's neuroses perfectly. I've had a couple of dogs who were terrified of men, especially poor Dusty T. Dog who'd been beaten and thrown out of a car on the freeway. It took so long for him to learn that there are a lot of nice people in the world. Colorado helped him with that. ❤

  6. Damn! Glad you’re okay. Can totally relate to the pain of a fall, the yelling, the shocked/scared dog(s) wondering if they did something wrong. Can also relate to the mangled glasses, in my case they were riding on the top of my head as I got the dogs into the back of the car and learning in to adjust something, smashed them on the car door frame. They haven’t fit well since. Your optometrist seems to have a good handle on virus safety so the risk of a visit seems better than the risk of another fall. I hope you get both pair of glasses fixed soon.

  7. It is such a scary feeling. Like the startle reflex in babies. They often cry, probably would say fuck if they knew how.
    I hope the shoulder is only bruised and that you will soon be back to (that horrible word) normal. Also, hope it is not your dog leading shoulder.
    Yay for getting that optometrist appointment. If there is nothing wrong with the lenses, perhaps you won’t even need to go inside?

    • I don’t think I need to go inside. I think I can just hand them to Victor (he’ll come out to my car) and ask him to replace the nose pieces. 🙂 I’ll get a new prescription next year sometime. I fell toward a door jam so it was really scary. I could see my head cracking open. I think I did a fancy maneuver to avoid that. And, you know, I’m in little danger of normal 😉

      • Thankfully that didn’t happen. I had a bad fall and was concussed the year I retired from work. I wonder now whether that contributed to my severe depression. So if getting new nose pieces saves you from another fall, it will be worth it. Your optometrist sounds like they are taking the virus very seriously.

  8. Falling is scary, especially when you are alone at home. The poor pets get frightened too when you yell, they don’t understand it is nothing they did.
    I hope that you will feel better soon.

  9. I hope you’re doing okay today, Martha! Yes, glasses too weak or out of adjustment can make a huge difference while getting around! The pandemic has reminded me of all the things I had already put off for too long and am now afraid to pursue (mammogram, dentist, glasses, haircut, etc.) On a bright note, I love the new garden sign. Any witty sayings particular to balconies?

  10. The instructions are clear, and well thought out. Still, they are difficult in a difficult time. “If a parent is scheduled, no children” That can be hard.

    • They never even answered the phone today. Maybe they’re closed for Christmas, I don’t know. 😦 But with an optometrist and optician it’s all face-to-face and CLOSE. They take your temperature as soon as you come in the building, according to their phone message. So I don’t know. Duct tape…

      • I went through a quick series of eye surgeries during this period, and I need to visit a dentist. There are risks one takes. I’m happy to know that doctors who do this are more at risk than us, so they will be ultra careful. They were.

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