Joy is kind of quiet right now. I’ve had a few moments of this in the last few days. At the Museum on Thursday Louise, the museum director, told us about a creative writing teacher from the local university who came to see the show. She said to Louise, “Martha Kennedy’s a painter? She’s also a writer.” It’s the kids running down the alley in the snow to get and give a hug. It’s the sweet, silent serenity of the San Luis Valley after snow. It’s the book I’m reading, No Horizon Is So Far.

Joy is not all transcendent rapture. The Avett Brothers song I’ve posted here before (and have again below) has two lines that say it all, to me, “Accolades and happy days, They don’t ever last…” The main reason it’s “the little things” is because the big things are so ephemeral.

They’re not meant to last. There’s no way we could live at that pitch day in and day out.

In other news, I’m about to start painting garden signs with garden sayings on them. Because after Christmas come….

Seed catalogs

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    • I love that song. Actually all their songs I’ve heard are good, but this one just struck a chord. Those catalogs start showing up here the first week after New Year! We can’t plant outside until June 1. Ha haha!

      • I know what you mean! When I lived in Upper Michigan, those catalogs helped me through many long months of winter. I drew ideas of elaborate gardens and really had a lot of fun with the whole idea:)

  1. I first heard of the Avett Brothers watching ‘A Chef’s Life’ on PBS. They sang the theme song for the first few seasons.

  2. The seed catalogs of late winter and early spring were always a huge source of joy for me. I was never very good at growing things but the beauty of the plants and the fantasy of what I might be able to to do helped me though the winter.

  3. I love this musing on the attributes of joy. I have to agree that joy like love is not found in the bursts of manic passion or ecstasy which cannot be sustained. I agree it is in the small moments and little things that come and go like snowflakes – beautiful and ephemeral. If we are open to them we will be rewarded. The seed catalogues have become fewer over the years – now I content myself with the online versions. Already Sparky has determined that he’s planting more kale and Mesclun (a mix of chervil, arugula, leaf lettuces and endive) and he’s sworn off the acorn squash as not worth the time. I’m hoping he will plant more peas and fewer beans… He seems intent on summer squash and more zucchini. (I’m still not recovered from eating squash every other day!)

    • Zucchini takes time to recover from — but I bought some last time I went to the store. I’m going to grow those pretty yellow squash (Sunny Delight) again and a lot more Scarlet Emperor Beans. I grow a salad mixture too, and Swiss chard. That might be my whole garden space. šŸ™‚

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