I Was Going to Put Off Writing This Quotidian Update, but

Christmas is jumping down my throat and I still have a present to mail. No, no, no I haven’t been procrastinating. There were just a lot of snafus involved. First, I ordered it from Amazon a month ago but forgot to change the destination address so I am now in possession of two large gift-wrapped containers of horse cookies that would cost more to mail to their REAL destination than they cost to buy. THEN…

I designed and ordered notecards featuring the big crane painting. Originally they were going to get here three days ago and now? Maybe today. Maybe the 22nd. They are part of the present that is now sitting in the “room of all cool things”. Seriously. For a person who had “finished Christmas” Thanksgiving weekend, this isn’t going well…

Sigh. Other procrastination? Dog poop in the frozen yard. New batteries in the motion sensor lights. You know. The stuff we don’t do.

Yesterday my friends and I went to the museum in Del Norte to see the Christmas show. The museum has had slow but steady business during this month. I could tell that because 1) the grab bags are mostly gone, and 2) Louise, who runs the museum, told me. 🙂

My paintings look good on the wall, still (no change there) and one of them is sold along with a garden sign, some cards and a small tree ornament. Not bad. My friends posed in front of my paintings and I told them to smile. This really IS history, though I think we might be wearing masks into perpetuity. I actually thought about whether the mask I planned to wear yesterday went with my outfit. Seriously.

It wasn’t a long adventure, but, on the drive home, I got to talk about something that’s troubling my mind. The talk was so needed, and she was so helpful. One thing about this bizarre moment in time is that it’s a little difficult to have those helpful, needed, conversations. I treasure my friendship with these two women.

Now I’m going to put on my puffy coat and head out to the frozen waste (ha ha)…

UPDATE: Poop picked up, batteries changed.


19 thoughts on “I Was Going to Put Off Writing This Quotidian Update, but

  1. stay warm in the cold. so many adjustments, so often, it really does get tiresome. Glad you were able to have a visit and outing to the museum with your friends.

  2. I had to laugh about your masking to match your outfit. The gal we always see at our local produce market gifted me two holiday masks after she rang up my order. I could not wait to wear my Christmas mask when I went out today! Yeah, it’s the small things….

  3. I’ve been procrastinating at the “poopsicle” scooping, but will have to tackle that this weekend. I laughed at your comment about matching your mask with your outfit, but ya, gotta make those accessories match, even if we don’t want to admit it!

  4. I’m so glad you got to have some time with friends!! I made some masks just so I could have one that matched a blue dress – or in the words of a friend “you don’t match things anymore – you coordinate!” So I have coordinating masks. Your paintings really do look good on the wall. I’ll be a tiny bit sad if the potato barn sold… I think it is particularly good.

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