The Masks I Like to Wear

The mask in the photo above signifies 1) that it’s cold outside and 2) that I’m out in it. The one in the photo isn’t particularly warm, but it’s OK. My ultimate mask is this one:

One layer of fleece and a layer of whatever Buff puts on its, uh, buffs. This mask means either that the day is very cold or I’m moving at a rate of speed somewhat faster than I walk. In short — I’m on my skis.

We got a skiff of snow last night and I’m getting a sense of how this winter is likely to play out. We might not get a dump (we might), but it will be cold and these little bits at a time will build up to an icy, windblown, five inches. That’s OK with me. I am absolutely NOT picky.

Last year I found myself sliding into the Colorado snow mentality, thinking, “Naw. Not good enough.” What IDIOCY especially for a person on the shady side of the mountain! Carpe Nix!!! (There’s your daily Latin lesson [and mine]) NEVER in Southern California would my thoughts have gone in that direction. As the song says, “Any snow is good snow, so I take what I can get.”

4 thoughts on “The Masks I Like to Wear

  1. I try to be dog-like by reveling in ANY snow, no matter its depth. I draw the line at rolling in it like my Aussie Finn, though, but only because it’s too hard on my aging bones 🙂

    May your winter (and Bear’s) be full of cold and frost and snow, of any depth, so that you’ll always be smiling under your mask/buff.

  2. I got a mask that has fuzzy thick lining. It is very warm. Sparky had one too but he gave me his – said it was too warm and the fuzz tickled his lips and made it hard to talk… I love it. It is plain black but I’m considering decorating it with some witty saying or perhaps a line drawing to “fancy it up” just a little.

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