“Give Me Convenience or Give Me Death!!!”*

I’ve been looking longingly at the iPhone 12pro Max or whatever it’s called. It’s $1000+. And why? The camera… I mean here I am going out to the big wide animal world and taking photos with my phone of animals no one can see in the photos. Clearly I need a new phone!!!


I have two very nice digital cameras, one of which fits in a pocket. Because of this you will finally get to see what I see.

All in all a pretty good day. I saved myself a thousand bucks and had nice walk with my dog. Along with the waterbirds, we saw the Harris hawk and yes; the eagles are back. A golden eagle took flight from a refuge sign just as I turned a corner leaving the refuge. I watched as she flew and dived and hunted for about a mile as I drove slowly on the dirt road with my window down. πŸ™‚

*Title of a Dead Kennedys album.

19 thoughts on ““Give Me Convenience or Give Me Death!!!”*

  1. I rarely do phone photos. They often come out horrid. I put a dedicated camera pouch on the belt of my daypack.

    And there’s a small tripod tossed in the back for occasional selfies. Got tired of trying to balance the camera on rocks and logs.

  2. These are wonderful shots – so glad you thought of the camera. Fitting it in one’s pocket is definitely a bonus. Now that I see your cranes up close, I’m wondering if I saw a crane in a pond in my woods a few days ago. All by itself. It just slowly paddled (swam?) to the edge and then took off. I have no idea what it was. Perhaps I’ll post one of the many photos I took. I was so entranced by the experience. πŸ™‚

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