Migraines, Philosophy and Dreams

I was thinking this morning that our bodies are nature and our souls (thought? spirit? soul? mind?) live in them and over time adjust to the seasons of our physical life. What’s most shocking about this idea is that…

I’m not the first person who has had it.

Yesterday morning I got up to let the dogs out at 4:50 and then, uncharacteristically, didn’t go back to sleep. For some reason I HAD TO GET UP. Not long after I had begun the turn on the lights, make coffee, moment, I was hit by a migraine. My migraines are mostly of the visual kind, no throbbing pain on the crown of my head, no nausea, but they leave me pretty trashed once they pass. Yesterday’s was no different. I just push through and emerge on the other side feeling like a train wreck.


So whatever the spirit/mind had planned for the day didn’t happen. Wasn’t going to happen. Couldn’t happen. But, migraines can sometimes bring me vivid dreams and last night I dreamed I was in modern-day China (with a migraine) and talking on the phone to people who didn’t identify themselves (inscrutable orientals, right?) and ended up with a job as an art historian at the Guangzhou Museum of Western Art. I asked the unnamed voice on the other end of the “line” “What kind of art?”

“I don’t know. That’s why we’re hiring you. None of us know what they are or what they mean or where they came from.”

“So like the things around me at home that I brought back from China so long ago? The survivors of time?”

Good grief, Martha, GET UP!!!

So here I am. No migraine, only lingering tiredness. Those things are truly STORMS, but the trip to China was great.


17 thoughts on “Migraines, Philosophy and Dreams

  1. Had a delightfully odd dream the other night about a good friend I haven’t seen in a while. Sent him an email saying it was good to see him. He responded and we had a good back-and-forth. Dreams can be important, yep.

  2. You’re lucky to have such friendly migraines. No dreams for me. Mine start with a visual aura. From there it goes to pain, extra loud tinnitus, extreme light and sound sensitivity, crippling nausea. I crawl into bed, room as dark and quiet as possible, drug myself up and sleep for the entire day. I’m completely out of commission for 24-48 hours.

    • I am lucky. The only downside (besides the migraine itself) is how long they last. If I pay attention, they start about 8 hours before the visual stuff and last the whole next day. I’ve had a few of the excruciatingly painful and nauseating ones. You have my sympathy.

  3. Migraines are a bitch. I get them in the aura stage mostly. All of a sudden I can only see as if I’m looking through a puzzle with many pieces missing. And the flashing lights. Then the pain, but not as bad as many have it. I remember years ago taking my son to buy shoes when it happened and had to carefully drive home. Sorry to hear you lost a day and then some. Cool dream though. I dream of getting lost or losing something important like my phone or wallet. Weird. No trips overseas for me!

  4. Ack! Migraines are the worst. I’m lucky not to be plagued with them now. When I was younger I’d get them – the light and sound sensitivity and the feeling that the top of my head was about to explode. I wouldn’t be able to do anything but go to bed. So sorry you had to lose time to one. Interesting dream though… Is there a story trying to be birthed?

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