22 thoughts on “Things Not to Do on Twitter. Never mind.

  1. Yet another reason I have stayed off Twitter and FB. Can a person not even express an opinion without all out war? I love how Biden keeps saying, once he is elected, he would have no red states and no blue states, only a United States. I really hope so.

  2. I’ve never ‘done’ Twitter and FB lost me when they redesigned their site and made it more ‘app’ friendly (I guess). Grrrr. I suspect you’ll stay away from Twitter and that mess in future, won’t you? I’m sorry you got flamed. But even the most gentle of tweets seems to attract all kinds of lunatics on the fringes…

    • On Facebook I have 70 friends and they are all people I know and value so Facebook is OK. Twitter is a platform I went on to promote my books. In this year, it turned into a source of news since a lot of reporters post on Twitter, that’s been good, but I don’t like it. I was stupid to get drawn into that discussion but this has been really weird and stressful but NOW IT’S OVER!!!! Biden has a hard job ahead of him, but wow… ❤ love from us to you and Finley

  3. This really sets me off. I’ll try to contain my irritation.

    MLK believed that people should be judged not by the color of their skin but rather by the contents of their character. I grabbed that notion and held it close to my heart. It became a principle I am literally willing to die for.

    Idenitity politics is the exact opposite of this. It takes a rainbow where colors smoothly blend into each other with no clear demarcation and build hard thick lines where none really exists. Lines that divide us.

    I’ve been hearing that the blacks and Hispanics who voted for Trump are really white and that the women who voted for him are victims of Stockholm syndrome. Their gender and skin color dictate who they have to vote for and they are not allowed to have contrary beliefs. The content of their characters doesn’t matter. This depresses me more than Trump’s bombast and lies ever did.

    • I feel the same way. It’s really not “all race all the time” but I guess we live where and when we live. I would like Kamala Harris to be characterized based on her achievements not her genitalia and ancestry, but I don’t run the world.

  4. Facebook is a means for me to keep contact with my old school, they have a site there and I met many old schoolfriends there again. I also found a friend in Australia that emigrated when we were still kids, so it is not all rubbish. I am in Twitter but have not posted there for at least 20 years and do not even look at it.

  5. I am relieved but it isn’t really over until he takes the oath of office and 45 packs his bags and vacates the WH. But hope is alive and that will sustain until it comes to pass that Biden takes up residence.

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