Quotidian Update 7,000,000.a.2iv

There are a couple of little kids waiting in anticipation this morning for me to drink my coffee, eat my breakfast, wash up and head to their house. It’s a very strange thing to be the BIG DEAL in anyone’s day. We will be making these:

Paper bag mask featuring Teddy T. Dog

which was something I remember making in school.

Yesterday Bear, E, K and E’s husband, B, and I went to walk at the Refuge. It was a perfect day and a good time was had by all. There were dozens of cranes, the mountains were white in the distance, the air was cool, the wind was mostly quiet. It was a perfect day and everyone had a good time.

K and E walked faster than B and me, maybe a block ahead of us the whole way. I used to walk 4 mph — and run — and now? I can keep up with K and E, but I don’t. I think in the experiences with the hip and all, needing to walk slowly (if I was going to walk at all) slowly changed me as a person. And Bear changed me. Or something. Anyway, it isn’t important, just interesting to me how my own life has been a teacher.

There’s a philosophy that our souls are immortal and inhabit earthly vessels for a period of time in order to learn things. If that’s true, then this little earthly vessel (which has always been a little fragile) is here to teach me the power of my own will and the stronger power of surrendering my will. It’s like when I’m walking along, paying attention to Bear, thinking my own thoughts, and suddenly I hear cranes warbling in the distance, the warble moving closer and I stop thinking, I stop moving, I search the sky and I wait. Somehow I think I have something to learn from these birds, a species that’s been on earth for at least 2.5 million years.

The other day I was about 30 feet away from three cranes. They knew I hadn’t seen them and began making a sound I hadn’t heard before. Their camouflage is good and it was a while before I made out their forms against the gray and beige of the dead grass. Bear and I stood quietly watching as they kept “talking.” A sandhill crane is 4 feet tall. I’m 5. They are big birds and they have perfected survival. “Well, there’s that little lady again. She’s no threat, but I think we should say something in case she was planning to come this way.”

I have no idea what I’ll learn from the cranes; nature is not that kind of school, anyway. They are fascinating and beautiful, so I’ll just keep hanging out where they are and watching them. Whatever else, I get sky, mountains, the company of friends and dogs and a little exercise.


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