Paper Bag Masks

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Rainbow Kitty

Today’s “art” project went well. Everyone had fun and the little girl is getting better at handling scissors and pencils and crayons. I always take my own art supplies so they can “play” with and get to know how to take care of really good colors and tools.

Sometimes I think that nothing is happening, no learning is happening, and then I see that it actually is. Everyone now automatically cleans up when we’re finished. Everyone (meaning kids) understands how to use watercolors and can get the equipment and supplies ready. It’s good when their mom joins in because the little girl needs extra help and the little boy deserves equal attention. Sometimes it’s hard being the smart kid in class. Mom even responded to my telling her a drawing she had done was good by trying more art projects herself. So, all in all, I think I’ve done OK.

The big thing is learning how to learn and that’s happening, I think.

15 thoughts on “Paper Bag Masks

  1. I think you hit the nail on the head. It is not the content so much that is important but the process…becoming reflective, learning to question, think critically, take risks. When children learn those things the world becomes a much better place…and there is nothing wrong with having fun while doing it!!

    • Since I spent my whole career teaching things no one thought they’d ever need, it was really all about the “intangibles.” Sometimes the students challenged me to explain it, like, “I’m going to get an MBA. Why do I need to know Emily Dickinson (how to write an essay, the difference between a dispute and an argument) and I would say, “You’re who life is not going to be work. Don’t you want to be interesting at parties?” 🙂

  2. We made these every year to go with our costumes! My sister made a frog and it was awesome. I wish I still knew where that photo was – I’d post it in a heartbeat! Learning to learn is the hardest part!

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