31 thoughts on “And the tree was happy… but not really. — The Global Exclaimer

  1. I love this — except for your last line — please have a good break, take some good cold, snowy walks with Bear, and come back soon!

      • Before the pandemic, I’d have a sad day maybe once every six months. Now it’s every two weeks, usually on a Tuesday. Yesterday was the day!

        I hope you feel “right” soon.

        • I know. I’m just sometimes challenged to get things into perspective. I know that, so just going to take the next week or so and 1) hope for the best (you know what I mean) and 2) take time to do things that draw me away from thinking about stuff. Somehow I have to find my feet in this. I’m sure I’m not the only one.

  2. I totally understand and get it. I’ll look forward to your return – and after next week I hope we all have some small glimmer of hope to celebrate. I have been thinking of doing the same thing. ❤️ Take care.

  3. I’ll never sit on your stump Martha. And I love me some Shel Silverstein. As I sit and listen to the rain (nonstop for 3 days so the many inches are making up for our drought) I wonder just how crazier minds and thoughts will become in a matter of days. Enjoy your break. Finn and I send our love. 💚🐶

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