Won’t Know ’til the Fat Guy Walks — Mostly about Painting

I learned a new term recently: doomscrolling. It’s when you go on Twitter and just scroll looking for, well, doom. A lot of new terms and behaviors seem to have come out of this historical moment. A fellow blogger wrote about her experiences in a supermarket being called “a Karen” just because she asked the checker to charge her the correct price for some produce. Now we have a Supreme Court Justice who was confirmed in the most unjust way. And she talks baby talk.

I just don’t know. And yeah, a week from today, by midnight on November 3, Election Day, it’s more or less or somehow “all over” but, according to the doomsayers on Twitter it won’t be all over. It will still be a mess and it’s true; elections are really not decided on that fateful November night. Word on the screen is that Sweet Cheek’s Supreme Court confirmation was rushed through so that there would be enough “friendly” justices to discredit the will of the American people should Biden win. But we really won’t know until it happens, so the doomsters are, for the nonce, just doomsters (yes, WP, I invented a word. for $96/year you can let me invent any word I want).

In OTHER news, I’ve been at the big canvas (4′ x 3′) now that I have an easel. Here’s how that’s going. The first is the drawing on paper, from there the evolution on the canvas. The horizon line in all of them is actually horizontal (ha ha) I just wasn’t holding the phone straight.

It’s been fun to paint. I’ve used brushes I bought almost 30 years ago in Zürich and never used before. ❤ For the snow sky I used metallic silver paint, and I was struggling on a blue sky day to paint that sky, the storm arrived and I looked out the window to see exactly the sky I wanted. I was filled with gratitude at that moment. You’d thinking painting a gray sky is no biggy, but what’s bigger than the sky?

Painting on a stretched canvas is different, too. Normally I paint on panel which “resists” my brush while it “accepts” the paint. Canvas doesn’t resist the brush which means the result of brush strokes is different, smoother. I prefer panel, but a panel this big would probably weigh more than I could lift. It’s fine with me. I started out painting on canvas, so it’s not like it’s an unknown.

Painting has been the ONE totally good thing about these past fraught and weird months. And, as if a blessing from a benevolent divinity, when I got my new ATM card, it gave me access to a point system in which I’ve been participating unknowingly since 2014. There was $100 worth of points in it meaning my easel was free. “Here, Martha,” said fate, the great framer of destiny in the sky.

Sometime next week I’ll be going to the Rio Grande County Museum to hang paintings for their Christmas show. It was a little difficult to choose three — and why three anyway? — but in the process I realized that I pretty much ONLY paint winter and fall. The fecund seasons are — to me — just a bunch of green stuff, except, of course, for the Scarlet Emperor Beans of song and legend. I did find one painting to make a less visually bleak arrangement. When you hang your paintings in public, it’s not about you. I might not find winter bleak, but other people do.


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  1. That’s a great collection to hang at the art museum — and I’m quite optimistic at this point that Biden will win, but I won’t hold my breath!

    We have two new fires, one very close to me (like 15 miles or so, burning in Irvine an Lake Forest at the back of the old El Toro MCAS). I’m breathing smoky air today!

  2. I don’t recall seeing the apple tree painting before, Martha–very pretty! I think doomscrolling could be on the computer, too. I sidebar from email and go to the news….and scroll. Why do I do that?! It just aggravates me. **deep breath** I love your header photo. Shades of white and beige. Is that barbed wire?

  3. God MAK stop complaining about ya beautiful life girlfriend! Ya paintings though invernal are pleasing to ya eyes; ya viewing public will ❤️ all 3 ! Ya do🏧points? Free stuff Jajaja

    • I”m not complaining about my life. I’m worried about my country. I’m worried about people needing health care that can’t get it. I’m worried that places like Utah are now rationing medical aid to COVID-19 patients because they don’t have enough of what they need to help everyone. Those are legitimate worries and, sadly, I can’t do much about them, but that doesn’t change the fact that they concern me. This is my world, my country, my time in history. I live in a rural area that votes red. All we have is a 3 bed ER in a tiny hospital. I don’t understand much of what goes on in the minds of some of the people around me — good people who shovel their neighbor’s walks and fly Trump and anti-BLM flags, who say, “Well, I don’t think I’ve ever known a black person.” I don’t get it and I’m scared. You taught history. I’m sure you know what I’m afraid of.

      • This is what should have written vociferously!💪💯❤️👍😷🗳✅🙌if ya shares your post now will it go onto ya theexiledexhorter page? I love ya passion Que Dios Steam Bendiga mi amiga ✅I got ya back🙏💪💯🙌

      • As the most optimistic person I know. Even this Pollyanna is getting nervous. Will be so glad when peace is restored to the white house and we can divest of all the hatred. Can’t wait to vote next Tuesday!

        • I think a lot of us feel the same way. I’m regarded by everyone I know as a very positive person and I am. I think that makes this all the more uncomfortable because looking at the situation realistically, acknowledging the situation we are truly in, challenges our natural point of view. But, I’d have hear from someone with a fundamentally more negative perspective to know if that theory holds water or not. Hang in there. ❤

  4. You’re right that it won’t be all over Tuesday night. The current president appointed ⅓ of the Supreme Court justices. They are young and will exert a major influence long after we’re gone.

  5. I wrestle with the worry and the fear too, Martha. A helpless feeling and it just won’t go away. I am hoping that the election has Biden as the clear winner. Until then, distractions are hard to come by. However…I like the 3 paintings you chose to hang in the show (esp the first one ❤️). That’s a bright spot for you! On a related note, one of my macro photographs was chosen to hang in a juried exhibition in a local art gallery. Never happened to me before, so I am kind of excited. That’s the bright spot the universe provided for me. I’ll take what I can get these days. I try to avoid the doomscrolling, but not always successful. Hang in there.

    • CONGRATULATIONS!!! That’s a very bright spot. ❤ I think one problem we have is we have too much information all the time. In a way, 45 is right; there IS a lot of fake news… A lot of "what if" and a lot of "this is because" that are pure conjecture and fortune telling. Just gets us wound up. I was thinking of a line from Monty Python's Life of Brian, "And those of you possessed by devils? Try to keep it under control a bit."

  6. I think I’m guilty of doomscrolling on the computer. Some days I read way too much news. I have cut out TV news but I read a lot. I hate the karen expression. It seems so insulting to the many women called Karen who are good people and now it seems to be being used as a general insult rather than to call out a particular kind of behaviour.
    I like your paintings by the way I think they are great choices for hanging for the public to enjoy.

    • ❤ Thank you. It's going to be very nice to do something "normal" for a change. When this is over, I'm going to cut way back on social media. This can't be good for people.

  7. Doomsters! Hehe! I am trying to stay positive but not so positive that I’ll be devastated on Nov 4th. Last election I stayed up late and then couldn’t keep my eyes open so I went to bed only to find disaster in the morning. I am excited by this new painting – it looks like it is coming along! Too bad it won’t be ready in time for the Christmas show!

    • I like this painting so far, too. It’s too big for the Christmas show, anyway. Yeah, last election I knew when I went to bed what the story was. I woke up feeling as if a leaden blanket had fallen on my heart.

  8. Doom scrolling. What a great phrase – one of those when you hear it you immediately totally understand what is being said. Somehow I will need to use that in one of my stories…

    I’m supposed to be traveling in the week after the election. I am hoping we are not in the middle of a civil war at that time.

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