Heavenly Weather

October 26 is a little early for a legit snow storm, but we’re having one. Bear and I improved my day (her’s was already awesome) by walking on “our” golf course in the snow.

I love snow.

I almost forgot how much after September’s nightmare snowpocalypse but now I remember. And I especially love snow in the company of Polar Bear Yeti T. Dog. It looks like it’s going to keep snowing and tomorrow I’ll take out my skis.

27 thoughts on “Heavenly Weather

  1. Oh beautiful Bear~you made my day. After 8 hours of work and non-falling cold rain this was a joy to watch. Snow snow snow ❄️ (I know it’s not even Halloween but I was singing from White Christmas in my head) 💚🐶

  2. Ophelia was watching the video and she is so happy to see Bear in the snow! It appears our winter is leaving us this week. We’ve had two weeks of very cold weather, but we will be up to +17 by the weekend???!!!?? bye, bye snow…

  3. Bear does love the white stuff! I hope you can get the skis out and do a little X-country tomorrow. Here it hasn’t snowed yet. But it is coming. Probably by Saturday since it would be a typical 2020 move to snow on Halloween so that the kids can’t go trick-or-treat…

  4. Hmm. Might be time to change your primary photo to one that includes some of that white stuff… 🙂

    Had to take my boys a bit higher in elevation, but we found snow to run on this morning – wahoo!! Bring it!

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