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Yesterday I drove along the 18 miles of Road T in Saguache County Colorado. That was after some 20 miles on the US Highway 285 and before another 15 miles on paved Saguache County Road T. Saguache County is the first county north of my own, Rio Grande County. I was heading to the old mining town of Crestone — now arty-farty spiritual center — to buy my easel.

Nothing notable about the deal — except getting a $500 easel for $100 — but driving toward the Sangre de Cristo Mountains takes my breath away. They resemble the Alps in the way they rise from the valley floor, rugged and young.

The easel is large and it was a struggle to get it into the house, but I did it. But then — as happens — I realized I had to move stuff out of my studio and THAT led to moving stuff out of my living room. It’s interesting how when you get a small piece of new furniture you might end up re-arranging everything and cleaning.

I don’t know yet if in this picture the gray will turn to blue…

I haven’t figured out everything about it yet — the main thing I still have to work out is adjusting the up/down of the tray on which the painting rests. I see how to do it, I just haven’t been able to do it! I’ll make it work for this big painting, but it won’t work for a smaller one but if I never manages that, a cool thing about this easel is it can go flat, like a table.

Now my little studio has three work “surfaces.” A dedicated drawing table, the table of all work, and an easel. Pretty up town, I’d say.

OK, this isn’t much of a video, but I thought, since I have this fancy new upgrade I should try it…

14 thoughts on “The Easel

  1. I’m so glad the easel was still available. And a beautiful drive as well. Nice use of a small space as the video shows – and all those windows with the light coming in. What a great room for creating 🙂

  2. The artist’s loft–awash with mid-morning light–cast shadows on the surroundings. Mysterious boxes labeled Deluxe Box and Bark Box keep their secrets. But the tools of the craftsman tell all. A color wheel stands at attention at a nearby window. Swatches of color flair as the camera pans the room. Paintbrushes choke wide-mouth jars repurposed for artistic endeavors. Tables line the open space, offering an angle to the sun’s perambulations. An empty canvas awaits a decision–blue or gray. Only the artist knows which one will emerge.

  3. The comment prior to mine is perfection about this scene and video. The mountains, although I’ve never seen the Alps, are breathtaking. I’m so glad you had a beautiful and peaceful drive that wraps up this purchase for your space. Interestingly, I purchased something new for my small space and put it together yesterday. It’s a stand-up rolling desk in which to write and read. It seems it’s going to help me accomplish some physical challenges I have with sitting too long. And you really are pretty up town. 💚🐶🤗

    • That stand up desk sounds amazing and perfect. I worked with a woman who’d had a back injury and her stand up desk made her life so much better. I hope it is the same for you. ❤

      • Thank you💚 I’ve been fortunate to use one in the past. I found it for $77 on Amazon so not a bad purchase. I wish I could attach pictures. It leaves a small footprint considering how many ways you can adjust it.

  4. Awesome! I’m tickled that the easel was still available and that it is now yours!! I know how that happens with a single new acquisition and the whole house has to shift!

  5. A great tale of success and frustration Martha. May you get many years of enjoyment from the easel. Thanks for joining in 😀

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