Tales from the front — Half-fast Cycling Club

A report by a man working in a COVID-19 ward…

I learned a lot from a two week tour of duty in the COVID-19 unit. First is the unpredictability of this disease. Details will be obscured so that no patients can be identified. Pronouns will be “they”, “them”, or “the patient”. I am not a doctor, but I play one on TV. A few numbers […]

Tales from the front — Half-fast Cycling Club

4 thoughts on “Tales from the front — Half-fast Cycling Club

  1. I have a client who is now a “long hauler”. Sick for more than 2 months, now home from hospital, and now developing immune problems. Buried her father last week, 2 mos after he first got sick. 17 family members (at least) got sick, cleaning lady brought it in (picked it up at a funeral). I death, 1 old person recovered, 2 middle aged people still quite ill, one of whom is a surgeon who can’t think well enough to work. Yeah, “just the flu”.

  2. Two deaths the first full week of October of people we knew and will miss. And still the virus’ impact is being minimized by the POTUS and his adherents. It is so very sad. The nurses in the family are fatigued and just want it to all end. They are not shy about telling people to wear the mask and to wear it properly!

    • I’m so sorry for your loss. It’s really unspeakable the way that so-called POTUS minimizes the severity of this virus and, maybe even as bad, ignores the loss of life and what it means to people who’ve lost friends and family because of his irresponsibility and cavalier attitude. I don’t like hating him, but I do.

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