Carpeing the Diem

My ballot arrived about 3:30 pm. I filed it in and drove it the 14 miles cross-country to the county seat, Del Norte. I was home by 4:20. I haven’t been in Del Norte since February and I’d forgotten how small it is. Two streets either way from the main drag and you have dead-ended, dirt roads.

My relationship to my valley has changed in the meantime, too. Sadly, politics has diminished its wonder. Driving the 14 miles and seeing one Trump sign after another all along the way was part and parcel of the whole disenchantment. It wasn’t even like that in 2016. In the farming area between here and there was one Biden sign. I’m soothing myself with the idea that others are holding their cards close to the chest like I am. I will NEVER understand how anyone could prefer a loud-mouthed authoritarian power-hungry evil egomaniacal buffoon or how anyone could fail to see that’s what he is.

I read an interesting analysis of the current situation in a magazine I subscribe to, Colorado Central magazine. In his column, “Down on the Ground” George Sibley writes:

“Instead of another political party, playing by the established rules of collaborative engagement, the earnest Democrats are now up against a mere mob that believes in nothing but power and the chubby alpha-golfer fronting the mob. They did not bother to adopt any kind of platform at their convention circus; they just pointed to Trump and said, ‘Whatever he wants, that’s what we want’.”

That is exactly how I see it. Sibley’s article analyzes what’s happened between the two major parties, saying that the Democrats DO have a platform and seem to be operating according to rules that the other “side” is no longer following. He makes the point that progress in America has long depended on the respectful tug-of-war between two fundamentally different political philosophies and the ability of their representatives to make deals between them for the American people.

That’s pretty much what I see, too.

But now I’ve voted and that is all that is in my power to do. Not that I’m going to stop feeling angst over this — I want to but I doubt I can. Thankfully I live in a state where I can easily track my ballot.

28 thoughts on “Carpeing the Diem

  1. I have a postal ballot in this country. All fully regulated. No problems with it. How dare the orange one infer that your system is corrupt. Its bully boy tactics. Calling it out before it happens so that if he loses he can try and dispute the vote.
    Seeing him throw MAGA masks at the crowd in Florida made me cringe. He says he’s immune! Deluded more like!

  2. Thank you, Martha. I stopped feeling angst over it long ago. Trump is a bully born of a Little Lord Fauntleroy Enabler Abuser Has-No-Clue-What-He-Feels-Other-Then-He-Is-Angry. Which tells me he has not owned a single mistake in his life. Now, I don’t believe in mistakes or guilt, as mistakes are all OFLs — Opportunities For Learning. Shame? Certainly, though, when shame presents it is an indicator to OWN something one way or the other on a reciprocal 2-way street. And, then the shame becomes communication and resolution rather than some toxin someone needs to suck upo and digest. It always heartens me that the Tibetan language has words for shame and resentment and remorse and grief, though no word for guilt. That speaks volumes. As, if people don’t own their stuff, it just circles back around to get owned, and one way or another, consequences, ot typically does.

    Thanks for voting. I received confirmation of my ballot being accepted and processed last week. Straight Democratic ticket. I don’t usually do that, though I figured this year I would take a side in the Civil War that never ended.

    • I don’t know what Trump is other than evil. I was also thinking yesterday as Bear and I returned to the car after a walk that I don’t want to live in an America still fighting the Civil War. 😦

      • Ahhhhh, he’s not skilled enough to be evil. Evil takes talent and developed ability and a certain je ne c’est quoi, of which he has neither. He’s a carnie and nothing else, and they wouldn’t even let him sell cotton candy.

        We’re IN a Civil War. I don’t want it, either. Though, buckle up young campers.

        I am BEYOND wishes. We’re here. The playground bullies need to be seen that they are SO afraid of bloody noses. Big deal. Bang the back of your head, relieve the pressure, and squeeze the septum for 2-3 minutes. Again, shaking head.

        I will say this… OH COOL, I brought my yellow shovel and blue bucket to the sandbox. Looks like somebody wants to play…Ahhhh, don’t worry, you’re parents are in the Caribbean. It’s all you, buddy. You’re move. (Not to you of course, to him). Glad I’m a small fry… currently. Hmmm, where’s the Ketchup/Catsup?

  3. I mailed my ballot instead of taking it to the County-City building. I had a tracking number but lost the piece of paper it was written on – I guess that happens when I head out for an adventure/road trip and leave Sparky home alone…I’m hoping it gets to where it needs to be. I have much faith in the USPS. Having passed through several states (IN, IL, MO, AR) it was evident that the cheeto’s base is very vocal but I’m guessing that the same thing may happen with the Christian Right as it did back in 2008 – namely all the women voted (in private) for Obama but publicly spouted what their husbands had decided… At least I’m hoping their brains and conscience still work!

  4. I love it when technology works. In my case, the ability to track that my absentee ballot, which I mailed over a week ago almost immediately after receiving it, was received and my vote considered valid. There’s a lot wrong in Idaho, but the ability to track my vote is something they’ve done right. I hope you have the same ability in CO.

  5. Well, that’s done. Now we have 3 weeks (hopefully only 3 weeks…) to wait. Some days I feel like my head is going to explode from all the what-ifs. I plan to carefully vote in person. The state primary was done safely, so I feel okay about it.
    I don’t know whether to believe the “polls” or not. Look what happened last time. Hang in there ❤️

    • Colorado has had mail in voting for a long time. It’s possible to go to the polls in person, but this works really well. My vote has already been counted.

      • I foresee that mail-in-vote results will be challenged, and that shenanigans are possible. Still, I love it that you have voted already, and are reasonably certain that it will be counted.

        • I imagine shenanigans will happen, too. I am pretty confident in my state, though. It’s states where it isn’t an established practice that worry me most. 😦

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