Dog Party

My friend Lois and her husband stopped by yesterday on their way home from a camping trip. They had their three dogs with them. Bear has known this little pack since she was a pup, but Teddy has never really been around other dogs at all.

You can bet there was a ruckus. Bear was happy to see her “cousins” again. Teddy was growly and defensive at first, but he soon figured it out.

In other party news, it was a windy day. The patio umbrella, that I had put up wrong, blew over. The sun blasted the humans sitting on the deck. The dogs ran around and enjoyed life as dogs do. Teddy and Shoe (black and white dog, one of the all-time great dogs) growled at each other (Aussies and border collies have different herding styles) and the sweltering humans talked, glad to be together with a lot to say.

I wonder sometimes if I’m too careful about this virus thing, but then I keep coming back to the same two points. 1) Who’s going to take care of my dogs, and 2) I’m liking life right now. Then, I continue with the semi-reclusive semi-quarantining thing I’ve done since March.

38 thoughts on “Dog Party

  1. Look at all those happy faces! My kind of ruckus. Ophelia is sad she missed out. Teddy is getting very good at taking group selfies!!

  2. It’s hard sometimes remembering that the virus is still out there, and deadly. Like yesterday when we took Thanksgiving dinner to mom and dad, but did not eat with them because we don’t want to take out masks off around them. One thing your prez is right about is that it will go away, we just want to make sure it doesn’t take more people with it… Keep safe!!

    • You too. Honestly, I am really angry at the cavalier way “my” government has approached this. I think that’s part of my thing. I don’t want to get sick from the virus and I sure as hell don’t want “them” to kill me. 😦

  3. That photo is a riot. Yes, it does appear that Teddy is taking a selfie. So funny. Glad you (and your dogs!) had a chance to visit with friends. It is tempting to want to not worry about the virus…but there it is. A windy day worked in your favor in that sense – blowing any virus away. 🙂

  4. What fun! I love a good dog party! And I totally get you on the virus-thoughts. I vacillate between getting out there and not worrying so much (but wearing a mask!) and staying in and being a hermit. And some days when I think this will never end, it’s very hard on the heart. I’m glad you chose to see your friends and have a dog party. I’m sure it was really good for Teddy and Bear, too.

  5. As I see the COVID-19 census at the hospital where I work rising, and daily case counts setting new records in our state every week, I’d say it’s highly unlikely that you’re being “too careful”; unless you are quarantining your mail and groceries and disinfecting everything you touch even when you haven’t left the house and no one else has entered, or wearing a mask when home alone.

  6. I love the photo! I’m in favor of staying apart! We had 2 deaths from COVID & COVID related damages this last week. Sparky was exposed and I’m masked and living in the guest room until his test results come back! Teddy is too cute! In the photo Bear seems to be having a blast – smiling from ear to ear!

  7. The same two thoughts keeps me willingly isolating from others: who would take care of my dogs, and I’m enjoying life too much to risk getting sick. Well said.

    Love the dog party 🙂

  8. My dog is an Australian Shepard too! They are such sweet dogs and yes they do herd. I loved this post and how relatable it is!

  9. The same two thoughts keeps me willingly isolating from others: who would take care of my dogs, and I’m enjoying life too much to risk getting sick. Well said.

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