The Last Bean Report of 2020

After surrendering momentarily to frost, Bai Juyi and Tu Fu came back up from the 6 inch plants I left. Li Bai succumbed. Li Ho — who grows closer to a sun-warmed wall — has been growing this whole time, but tonight the temps will be below freezing and tomorrow as well, and then? I’m not fighting it any more.

I just went out to tell them goodbye and thank them for everything. They didn’t leave me empty-handed, either. I have 43 beans for next year (yes, I counted them). Though some don’t seem fully matured, I’m grateful for all the green beans of the summer, these beautiful purple and black beans for next year, and the company my beans gave me during this strange year.

Night Snow
Tu Fu

I was surprised my quilt and pillow were cold,
I see that now the window’s bright again.
Deep in the night, I know the snow is thick,
I sometimes hear the sound as bamboo snaps.

10 thoughts on “The Last Bean Report of 2020

  1. The beans are so pretty! No wonder they were poets! I hope the cold holds off just one more week so that you can enjoy then a little longer…

  2. This is very touching, Martha! Here in TX, I’m just now growing some bush beans, according to local suggestions. We’ll see. They’re just in a big pot, so won’t be nearly as tall and impressive as yours!

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