News Flash from the San Luis Valley: More of the Same and that’s OK

Yesterday I sought refuge with Bear and there was a whiff of fall in the air, the fragrance of damp fallen leaves by the pond. Fall was more apparent in the colors of the landscape which here, in the high valley, are universally golden except for the wild currant bush that turns bright red.

None of these out at the refuge.

I saw “my” cows, but Beautiful Bessie was no where in sight. Not that these are ugly cows.

The girls outstanding in their field

The big fire in northwestern Colorado is keeping the mountains out of sight.

The cranes have arrived in their autumn numbers, different from spring when tens of thousands converge on the refuge more or less at once. In fall they kind of straggle in and head off at some point for New Mexico where they’ll stay until March. That’s the story, anyway, but my life here has shown me that they are around all year in limited numbers.

Today is a “school” day, and Hallowe’en is on the horizon. We’ll be making these little guys:

This is Megan, a prototype that we will take apart so the kids know how to put her together again. I will put her together again so at the end of the film I can add in the credits, “No paper and pipe-cleaner spiders were permanently damaged in the making of this film.”

And once more, I tip my hat to elementary school teachers. I don’t know how you do it. I just have two who like me and want to learn and it’s WAY more than I can deal with (in truth). And how do you do it now that recess doesn’t exist any more? I remember elementary school, and by the time recess came around I was so wound up it wasn’t funny and I was one of the calm ones…

9 thoughts on “News Flash from the San Luis Valley: More of the Same and that’s OK

  1. A whiff of fall — snow can’t be far behind! We actually have real clouds today, though it’s still warm!
    Love the cows in their field — and the spider project!

  2. What a shame you can’t see the mountains for the smoke, but the rest is beautiful all the same. At least the cows (very serious expressions btw) and cranes are where they are supposed to be 🙂
    The pipe cleaner spiders – what a fun project!

  3. Schools don’t have recess now? Or just homeschools? I know that the school near the Op Shop in Geeveston most definitely had recess, we would see the kids running around outside at break time.

      • Out of curiousity how long is the school day. When I was a child school started at 9am and we finished at about 3.40.We had an hour for lunch (less in high school) and two recess breaks. The local school at Geeveston starts at 9am and finishes at 3pm. They have a morning break, I think half an hour for lunch but not sure about afternoon recess. They have outside activities so it was hard to tell sometimes if there was a break or not.

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