“Is it Ever Going to Be OK Again?”

This morning I went out to clean up after the dogs and found that the plumbing was again backing up into my backyard. Twice this has been investigated and nary a sign of any problem in my house’ plumbing has been discovered. Both times there was a block at the place where my plumbing goes into the city sewer line. And, indeed, today I saw that it was coming back from that direction. Still, it’s not right.

My neighbors recently had to redo all the plumbing from their house to the main line. I anticipate doing the same, but I’d rather not do it now. BUT the guy has been out here twice in six months and that’s a LOT.

I called my neighbor to get the number of the company that did her work. Somewhere in one of our conversations she said, “Is it ever going to be OK again?” She’s going through harder stuff than I am right now (for the moment, knock on wood, etc.) We agreed that we had to believe that it will all be “OK” again.

You see, we don’t want much. The big deal about doing this work in my yard for me is that they have to tear out my fence and they won’t put it back up. I will have to board the dogs for the duration and then have a fence built. I’m having a hard time putting a good face on that, in fact, I just feel daunted.

And just in the trough of dauntedness this afternoon I went outside to photograph the mural with the horses on it and saw a guy in my OTHER neighbor’s yard cutting down elm trees. I said “Hi” and he let me know he was cutting down the tree that hangs over my house and that was ripe to fall on my roof in the next heavy snow.

A person bought a painting for twice what I charged for it and said it was worth it to her.

All of this has left me with the sense that nothing makes sense and maybe things are always OK in some strange paradoxical way that we don’t understand.

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  1. If the problem is on your side, aren’t the pipes on your property? Why do they have to take down the fence? When we were having the trees in our backyard taken down, they wanted to remove part of our fence for their convenience in hauling out tree branches. We told them ‘no.’ They found another way.

  2. Things tend to balance out in the long run. Focus on the long run!

    But, in the short term: are there tree roots invading your sewer line between the house and the city’s line? That’s what happened in a house I once owned. A willow tree. Very invasive root system. I’d have my sewer line roto-rootered out, and six months later I’d be calling “Fritz the Drain Guy” again. The willow was on the neighbor’s lot, so I couldn’t do anything, other than put Fritz on a regular schedule.

  3. Yes, I see reasons as more often than not being unreasonable. Balance is more important, and gearing in sometimes relies the cog part to do its gig… function fluidly and seamlessly without fail while geared in and engaged under high heat and pressure. He/She who takes care of the little things… kinda thing.

    Truth is stranger than fiction, as fiction has to make sense. ~ Mark Twain

    I lean into being comfortable with the not-knowing, where forgetting is for getting, makes more breathing room for the good stuff… and to gravitate more good stuff. And, being actionable all the while.

    I hear you on the boarding of the dogs and the fence re-build on your nickel. Total PITA. At least it’s not backing up in your house. Not much of a consolation prize I gather, though it sounds like you have a handle on it.

    Excellence on the double-billing at no extra charge on the painting. That, in itself, sound like it found its value in a good home. Kudos.

    • Thank you. I’ll find out Monday what the story is with the plumbing and I’m very glad the tree is down. I think the worst part about boarding the dogs is that in these times we’ve gotten pretty interdependent. I don’t know how any of us will take it. 🙂

      • Full-on understood. I have a 135-pound German Shepherd Goddess Girl. SHe’s 12 1/2, so kenneling has become… well… not an option. Always has to be my Pet Sitter, now. Not an issue, though, it add a trip charge shall we say? 3-4 visits a day necessary last year = I took a staycation, only had time off from the walks n such. I like walking her, so it didn’t make for a vacation, more of an expensive delegation. 🙂

  4. Back to topic, though. The, “Is it ever going to be OK again?” Personally, I don’t know if it’s ever been ok. Kinda like “The world’s about to end” stuff. Really? The world’s ALWAYS about to end. I guess I’m simply promoting the perspective of what you make of it minus anxiety.

    • I don’t know. As far as I can tell, my world has never been “OK” but I got very angry at a friend years ago who said I’d had a “harrowing life.” I said, “But the fact is, I’m not harrowed.” I took the birth card test from your blog and got “The Tower” and “The Chariot”. What I read sounded pretty much how it’s gone (so far). For me life is what I make of it each day and some days are just better than others — sometimes from external forces, sometimes internal. It is what you make of it. 🙂

      • I love that on all counts, Martha. A friend of mine’s Dad way back when said he though I wouldn’t live through high school. Pfffffft. Check your Perspective, baybee. He only said that because he was ultra-conservative high Security clearance military, and I was in all the Honors classes and smiled cigarettes behind the bleachers with the tattoo crowd. SO, ‘Grease’ or ‘West Side Story’ stuff. Farcical, really.

        Here I am. As a Psycho-Spiritual Architect, it’s now MY job to ideate and make and put together those bleachers to go smoke behind so to speak… to marry myself to a the balance of my intensities + “Honors Classes.“ Kinda all of our jobs to do? Heck, the ‘What floats your boat?’’ Argument. I’m no criminal, so why should I continue the shame and guilt worry we were consummately taught. FABOT. I’ll expand the Cronyn if expletives are cool here. 🙂

        • I have no problem with expletives. 🙂 People are quick to judge what they don’t understand, or people whose choices don’t justify their own. I was labeled rebellious but I never rebelled against anything.

          • Unlike Marlin Brando in “The Wild One”. When asked, “what are you rebelling against?” he answered, whataya got?” (If my memory is right after all these years.)

          • They do. As Jung said, “Thinking is difficult. That’s why most people judge.” Powerfully listening to another is more important to me than judging them. Heck, I have no impetus to stay around mean people, though they may need kindness the most. Empathy with boundaries such that you allow no harm to yourself while staying calm and not triggered by it is quite a hard-worked-for gift, that sometimes takes some more hard work, and others comes with relative ease.

            FABOT is F**k A Bunch Of That. 🙂

            • Mean people? Yep. When I retired and realized I was now not obliged to deal with everyone, that as it for me. I realized all I wanted to do was be nice. I didn’t want to struggle to “hold my ground” or any of that any more, all that’s part of the world of work. 🙂

  5. Martha–save some money and put the dogs on chains. They won’t be happy, but they’ll be happier at home. Or for the same price as boarding, you can probably put up a largish chain link kennel.

  6. There is a saying by a woman Saint, I forget exactly, but she said ‘all shall be well, and all shall be well, and all manner of things shall be well’ can’t promise I’ve got that exactly right. A woman Saint with a man’s name.. St Julian?Of Norwich..not sure. X fingers crossed you find that balance…

  7. The order of things is beyond the realm of ya human understanding and beliefs and in ya opinion it’s great that it is Jah’s Ways; Faith, ya cornerstone depends blindingly for ya to let go, relax, Believe! Will it ever be Okay again? Ya are nutZ to think that it ever was! The joy of being Alive is to allow the tides, ya moon and the rest of ya days to play 33 or 78 rpms ya turntables and ya are ya own deejay; so take charge and play! Ya song so says Sir Elton John, it may quite easy and ya hope ya don’t mind that I wrote down the words How Wonderful Life is When MAK is around! Of course it will be ok! In fact it Will Be Awesome 👏🏾🙏🐕♒️💯🎂

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