These 3 Horses make my grand total of horses painted 4!

I have to say that painting horses will never be my favorite thing. I think I need to get out there with the horses and sketch them for years and years and years. I was going for something here between real life portraits of three actual horses and a cave painting.

The only horse I think is half way good is the one I did when I was pissed off at my failed horses. I was “Fuck it.” And there it was.

In other news, I don’t mind failing. I figure that — as an artist — if I’m not failing I’m not going anywhere and a couple of my failed paintings turned out to be anything BUT failed paintings after a few years had passed. You just never know.

34 thoughts on “These 3 Horses make my grand total of horses painted 4!

  1. Theyโ€™re beautiful! My favorite is the gray one. I love the cave background and the white striped face in the front. And the black one seems mysterious. I donโ€™t mind failure either. And this is win. ๐Ÿ’š๐Ÿ’œ๐Ÿค—๐Ÿ’™

    • Karla, I didn’t know it but the black one has a star so now I’ve given him one. The gray horse in real life is an amazing creature. He’s aware, sensitive, friendly, has a sense of humor — just a wonderful guy. The golden horse is the most beautiful horse I’ve ever seen in real life and when I met her she was completely wild. She’s been trained and now my friend rides her all the time. She was a horse that really LIKED people but didn’t get that we are a LOT smaller than she is. She was scary. There’s a fourth horse in this herd who is my favorite. We were walking in the field. He kept getting too close to me and I didn’t like it. And I swear, I got a telepathic message from him that said, “I’m sorry. If I had a halter you could know where I am and we could walk together.” When I got behind the gate (and felt better) he just rested his nose on my shoulder. They are Tennessee Walking Horses, so not the smaller quarter horses I’ve mostly known. My friend is really lucky to have these horses to ride whenever she wants. Their owners are elderly and one of my friend’s friends is a champion in western dressage so they are happy to have my friend and her friends exercise the horses. โค

      • Oh Iโ€™m so happy to meet them! Hello new friends. I love horses. I was fortunate to have friends that had them and could โ€œhitchโ€ rides every now and then. The taller horses have scared me (I actually rode a mule in the Montana Mountains that was much easier than the tall horse as my other choice). So I understand your story. Iโ€™m sure your friends will love this painting too! I can see them riding in my mind. Horses are such amazing animals! Where is the star located on the black one? โฃ๏ธโค๏ธ

        • The star is on his forehead. His name is Magic. He is the horse my friend’s developmentally disabled adult son rides. They are quite a pair. โค

          • My background is special education. My parents have raised my 25 year old niece with Cerebral Palsy (my older sisterโ€™s challenges limited her capacity ~but not in love, just logistics. Animals just KNOW~they offer something us humans just donโ€™t contain.

            • My friend is a special ed teacher, too. Just a coincidence that her son turned out to have a lot of problems, physical and developmental. He lucked out. I taught a guy from Korea with cerebral palsy. He was in a wheelchair and he was learning English as a Second Language. Brilliant, brilliant young man. One of the most amazing experiences of my teaching career. One day he parked his wheelchair outside the classroom and walked in. The class was really wonderful, all of the students loved this kid, when he did that everyone applauded. He wrote poems and explained that his brain was a constant electrical storm, but he liked it. I should write about him sometime.

            • This made my eyes leak ๐Ÿ˜ญ yes, do write about him. I have some writings in my journal on my โ€œspecialโ€ students and niece that I told her Iโ€™d dedicate. She has a heart of gold. She was born with fetal alcohol syndrome which resulted in some limitations (not from the heart though ๐Ÿ’š). I learn a lot from these special people.

  2. I really like this painting – I think it is very sweet. You must have hit some of the right notes with it since the future owner loves it like it is! โค๏ธ Congratulations!

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