Wow. I’ve been feeling lately as if I were living in Ancient Greece. Plato wrote in The Allegory of the Cave how the best leader was one who didn’t want the job, and watching Biden on the debate stage early on, and witnessing the ensuing events, I think we got that guy.

Socrates (about whom Plato wrote in that dialogue) made the point that any one who WANTED to rule was in it for themselves, not for the people.

And now I learn that 45 has Tweeted to the world that he has C-19. If that’s true, he is definitely the stuff of Greek tragedy except for the Aristotelean requirement that the hero be a fundamentally good man who learns through suffering as a result of his hubris. I guess 45 COULD learn, but as for his being a fundamentally good man? I have serious doubts meaning like NO.


I woke up thinking the past four years — 45’s “reign” — would be a really good play performed in the Greek style with a chorus and everything. Ironically, the members of a chorus in a Greek play all wore masks, in fact, everyone wore masks.

For everyone who made a guess about the painting yesterday — it’s sandstone, slick rock like you might find a lot of places out here, in Utah, Arizona.. It will have horses on it, standing to one side. Wish me luck on that. I still get psyched out at the thought of drawing a horse… Early imprinting is hard to kick.

19 thoughts on “And THEN…

  1. Ah, sandstone, yes…
    Love the masked play idea….
    My favourite animal after cats to draw is horses. I used to sell drawings of horses to my friends when I was a child. 6d each. Didn’t sell many. Always dappled grey.. Nice to do with pencil
    As for 45, is the word hubris appropriate? Not sure if I have the correct meaning?

  2. Perhaps someday there will be a play or movie or made-for-TV movie. The style of the Greek play complete with chorus would be quite fitting. With masks of course.
    Horses on sandstone – I’m sure it will be beautiful. Have fun 🙂

  3. Real Clear Politics – which is as neutral a page as you will find – runs an average of all the major polls. Biden has made a full one percent uptick in the polls after the debate. Nationally he is ahead by about 7 points. I don’t imagine that Trump getting justice (COVID) will decrease that lead and may increase it. Still too close to call but it also looks like a 51 vote majority for the Democrats in the Senate. Of course things can happen but the odds are in favor of change.

    I doubt Thomas has 8 more years in him, so the Court may change as well.

    I’m much more worried that climate change isn’t being prepared for. It is all good and well to try to reduce our carbon footprint but even if we do, it doesn’t mean China or India or Russia or Africa will. And even if the entire world went low carbon as fast as humanly possible, climate change is already here and will make the next few decades… interesting.

  4. The Greek play…oh my. He’ll either end up with a light case to try and prove “it ain’t bad” and will be miraculously healed right before the election ~to which point the new “cure” will be named after him and he can find a throne to declare the salvation of all mankind thanks to him! Oh my 😷

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