Of Cows and Cranes

This is my new friend. I don’t know her name, but she’s the most beautiful cow I’ve ever seen. She and her pals — several cows, a bull and a year-old calf — were hanging around in the shade behind the four trees at the refuge, behind the fence. It was Bear’s first close encounter of the Bovine kind, and she behaved perfectly.

“My” cow beginning to get curious, “Who’s that lady? What’s up with that big white dog?”

As I was communing with my new friend, two Sandhill Cranes flew over my left shoulder.

I’m not sure it gets better than that. Sure cleared away the clouds and cobwebs from last night’s presidential debate. I mean if the most beautiful cow in the world wants to follow you home (and she followed me along the fence as far as she could) life’s just pretty amazing.

11 thoughts on “Of Cows and Cranes

    • Isn’t she beautiful? Definitely cleared my head or as my mom used to say, got “my head on straight.” Last night was unreal. I felt like I’d spent 90 minutes with the Evil X and went to bed hurting all over. I’m sure a lot of us were suffering by the time that was over!

      • I couldn’t make it that long. My (years long) goal is to improve my sleep quality. Watching that horror show – as I was to learn about this morning – would not have helped. 😧

        • You were wise. I’m glad I watched, though. It made it possible for me to ‘come out’ in my community. When I heard him tell the Proud Boys to “stand by” and when he went for Biden below the belt over his son’s drug problem, I knew I didn’t give a shit any more if the Trumpists around me like me or not. Whatever. I can accept different political points of view. I cannot accept accepting THAT.

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