An Apple a Day

I’ve been trying to figure out what the dogs do when I’m not hanging out with them, meaning, still trying to sleep. I seem to need a lot of sleep, but that’s beside the point. Bear and Teddy normally wake up between 5 and 6, the world still in darkness, and want out. I let them out, fearing, always, that Bear, fulfilling her breed imperative by barking at real and perceived enemies, will wake up the neighbors. No one has ever complained which has been a little mysterious but don’t look a gift horse etc.

Now I know. My dogs wake up when my neighbors wake up. I took inventory of the windows all around me and saw lights everywhere. One of my neighbors told me that is when she and her husband take their walks.

Bear wouldn’t want to miss that. “Yeah, Bear usually gives us a couple of barks, saying, ‘Hi neighbors’.”

I’ve been curious, though, about some of her barks, and yesterday heading up the alley with her on the leash, I looked at the dust. What a story! Deer and raccoon had wandered through in the night, revealingly, ONLY to the furthest edge of my driveway. There was a spot where the dear had clearly turned back, scraped the alley and run. Gee, why?

But what’s the big draw??

Apples. My town has a plethora (ha ha English teacher word) of apple trees. The featured photo is a crabapple tree in front of the high school.

The beautiful old apple tree at the kids’ end of the alley was heavily laden with fruit this year. I went to find a couple of apples for the kids and saw on the ground all manner of half chewed apples — raccoon, bird, deer and who knows what else. The apple tree at City Hall often attracts black bears.

Bear in the tree near city hall last year…

I’m in total agreement with all these critters. Apples are truly wonderful. Maybe that’s why I have several paintings of them.

27 thoughts on “An Apple a Day

  1. Apples are wonderful. I wonder where the saying “Apple of my eye” originated….I’ll have to look that up…started with the shape of the pupil…transformed into something precious…according to Wikipedia.

  2. We love apples. The Mutsu is a big favorite if we can ever find it. Cortland is another one that lights up our eyes and taste buds. Son#1 is partial to the Empire and son#2 likes an Ida Red. I’m a fan of Gingergold… Anyway, the paintings are beautiful! I’m glad Bear is working at keeping all the interlopers out of the yard and alley and away from the apple tree!

  3. Thank you for using one of my most favorite words: plethora. Ahh. Apparently all manner of creatures love apples. I don’t blame them. (maybe a room darkening shade might keep your early morning barkers from noticing the neighbors’ lights…)

            • It’s like confusion, but she wouldn’t say that. But, because the neighbors do their things according to the clock in their house, we will soon (me) be letting dogs out at what will feel (to me at that point) like 4:30 am. She cannot see any of their lights, but there are sounds. The nurse next door goes to her garage (next to my back yard) to get her car. The neighbors across the alley, take their morning walk. The old woman across the street gets up and opens her drapes. Martha, who sleeps until 8, gets up and lets the dogs out and hopes for the best. Bear doesn’t know she isn’t patrolling a farm. I’m grateful my neighbors all love her to pieces.

            • Wow. This is quite the routine Bear has down. But with everyone adapting to the time change…it sounds like as a result she will too. And, yes, it’s a very good thing she is so popular πŸ™‚

            • On Facebook, I am member of the Livestock Guardian Dog group. It’s fascinating reading about other dogs like Bear. Bear would have been really good taking care of a herd of goats. She’s so tuned in to how things are supposed to be which is one way these dogs know something is wrong. It’s one reason she would rather take the same walk every single day than ever change it. It’s one way she knows if anything is out of place. It’s be very interesting living with her.

            • How cool that you understand how Bear “sees” her place in the world. And that you can commiserate with other similar dog owners on FB. I have learned a bit about this kind of thing from my daughter – her dog (a lab/shepherd mix) often tries to “corral” us when we are all going in and out of the house during a visit. We are all in her “pack” πŸ™‚

  4. I was left waiting for more! Wonderful Sunday morning tale MAK! Encore encore for more πŸ§ΆπŸ™β™’οΈπŸ•πŸŒˆπŸ‡©πŸ‡΄πŸ‡ΊπŸ‡ΈπŸ—³πŸ˜·πŸ‘

  5. Bear somehow got it in his head that ya was just a Cockadoodle Doo, crowing Arf Arf early morning dew Neighbors stirring too. Bear up and about acknowledges with a bark that Hey you? Yeah you this is my yard right ch’ere, those crispy 🍎 mine too. Ok, Arf Arf move alongπŸ•β€!

  6. Oh the plethora of apple paintings (ok maybe less than a plethora) are beautiful! I eat one a day. My record broke last week when I ran out of Ambrosias (Honeycrisp are another favorite). I can imagine Finley tootling behind Bear and Teddy. We happened upon a possum in the campground around 2am the other evening. But have yet to see a bear in a tree! Oh my! πŸ’šπŸΆπŸ€—

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