Trying not to Rant and Failing…

Since the Pandemic started life has had an eerie feeling. Some days — for me — moreso than others. I’ve been more closeted than usual, not just in my house and yard, but in my mind. When I emerge (which is pretty often, in fact, but still differently) it sometimes seem as if people also emerge from their closeted lives into the alley to talk to me. I have thought of painting it calling it “My Alley in the Pandemic.”

Yesterday we met for another Covid Tea Party and it was wonderful. We met at E’s house and talked for a full two hours. We also got to see some of the beautiful things E has made for the Christmas Boutique — a little pop up market of beautiful things made by an elite group of women that they hold every year at the Church of Christ. I do a LOT of my Christmas shopping there. That morning, E was wearing a beautiful cardigan she’d made for herself with a matching beret. I bought a pair of wool socks E had made. They will be worn only for very special moments like skiing or coming home from skiing. When I said, “I don’t know how I can wear them!” E said, “Slide them on your feet.” 😀

Our conversations invariably begin with a discussion of the virus. I’ve been having a hard time with that subject lately since it occurred to me that we’ve had experts yammering at us with things that seem to me now — and have always seemed — perfectly obvious, common sense. A virus is contagious, often very contagious, so err on the side of caution. I’ve visited enough old aunts at “The Home,” and seen enough signs saying, “If you have any symptoms of a cold or flu, do NOT come in” to understand that people in The Home are vulnerable. Putting a barrier between one’s breath and the outer world is — to me — just an obvious way to reduce the number of germs floating around. That viruses are airborne isn’t rocket science. I actually said, “Don’t get me started. If I get on this subject, you’ll hear a lot of blue language.”

All anyone ever had to do was say, “There’s a new virus that’s appeared first in China. It’s very contagious, and we don’t have immunity to it, so the risk is high. Please take these extra precautions when you’re out in public (list). for now, we’re going to slow things down drastically to get the number of cases under control so our healthcare can catch up, but then we’ll ask you to … ” Then come up with guidelines for businesses. Of course, if the alleged president had come clean in January with the knowledge he had, our country might have been ready when the virus hit, but that’s another story.

The yammering didn’t have to go on for 7 months. That this has resulted in violence infuriates me more than I can say, but maybe it will turn out to be for the best. You know what I mean, though I doubt the 200 k + dead people and their families would agree it’s “for the best.”

I’m tired — as I imagine everyone else is — of waking up in COVID world, but I was thinking yesterday this is nothing (so far). I thought of how it must have been for my grandmother to wake up every morning to at least a half a dozen kids who needed to be fed and clothed, the labor of the farm during the Depression and the daily struggle under all that work in pioneer conditions.

And… Illnesses, one of which killed one of my uncles when he was a child. There they were. Two beds, at least 8 kids, all in a log sod cabin on the high plains of Montana.

We are really wusses.

My Grandmother Beall filling the cistern at the local well to take water home for laundry…

10 thoughts on “Trying not to Rant and Failing…

  1. I think we are so lucky to be living at this time. Its mad but mostly better than it was even a few decades ago. That doesn’t mean it couldn’t be better still. It’s people grabbing power for themselves and not others that make it worse.

  2. Yammering is a perfect term for what has just become so much noise. And the need for most of it was – most likely – preventable. Maybe we are wusses and took so much for granted before all of this started. My father-in-law lost an older brother during the 1918 influenza epidemic. I wonder what my F.I.L. would have said about the 2020 pandemic.

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