Through the Looking-glass

Extremely articulate explication of “White Privilege.” I love this so much. And the writer owns two livestock guardian dogs… 🙂

The Global Exclaimer

White Privilege and Black Lives Matter

Alice laughed. ‘There’s no use trying,’ she said. ‘One can’t believe impossible things.’


I’d like to start by stating that the phrase ‘black lives matter,’ is a true statement. I’d like to add that responding with ‘all lives matter,’ is a cheap shot. Nothing about the statement, ‘black lives matter,’ implies that only black lives matter. Saying ‘all lives matter’ belittles the visceral need that made it necessary for a people to scream, “I matter!” Please, people, just stop saying “all lives matter” as if you discovered an important concept. You just sound ignorant.

The phrase “black lives matter” is a cry for help and a plea for recognition about a certain fact in our society. And what is that fact? I’ll give you a hint. No white person in the USA has ever felt the need to…

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  1. This article is HAWT!, Martha. I thought I already had, though I hadn’t. So, I just updated my weekly Serendipity Itineraries series to layer you into the community there, and called out specific attention to this article. Powerful and so well said. The Philosopher in me is just nodding as a Heartfelt Hierophant rather than some stubborn, unbending traditionalist. Do let me know if you have edits to how your entry is presented and I will certainly make them.

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