THE Painting is Framed

I prefer painting on panel, but with this large painting, I have copped to the advantage of canvas — weight. Whoever ends up with this painting will have to sink mollies into the wall which is really not a big deal. The image is 24 x 36 The frame brings the piece to 28 x 40. Looking at it on my little shelf there, it really dominates a room.

23 thoughts on “THE Painting is Framed

  1. Wonderful image, Martha! The tree, though leafless has the gesture of a nimble spider crab kelping in a slow dance under the open expanse of generous sky above and the clouds billowing up in the distance, liminal as they surf over the horizon. And the person and dog, paused to take it all in. There is peace in this painting, a very active and living peace that requires a fleece vest to brace with the crisp and cool air. Have you titled it yet? Do you even title your paintings, as that’s certainly of course not any kind of requirement. Is the title “THE Painting”?

    • Its title is March in the Big Empty. When I saw the tree a year or so ago heading out with a friend to look for Sandhill Crane, we thought it was dead. I went out there a week or so to tell it “thank you” and learned that it is not a dead tree at all. Parts of it are dead, but the parts with the clusters of small branches are very alive. It’s an extension of an immense survival metaphor in my life involving trees. It was so cool.

      • That IS such a cool story. Thanks for sharing. You certainly painted that tree alive. I first saw it as dead, then the elbow-crab-branch-leg resting on the ground with rest of branch-leg lifted, and then my eyes just started immersing in the tree and then to the sky and the horizon and bag to the road with person and dog taking it all in. There is a hugely wonderful deceptive simplicity to March in the Big Empty. It has valuable takeaway like a Tarot card.

    • When I started it scared me because it was the beginning of COVID and the woman in the picture (photo I took to paint from) is a friend. It looked like her going all alone into the unknown. Very bleak. As time passed and the image evolved, I began to really see it. 🙂

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