Talking to Bear about her Masterwork

“What’s this, Bear?”

“My project. I’ve been working on it all my life.”

“Would you call it your life’s work?”

“Life’s work?”

“You know, your Magnum Opus. Your great achievement?”

“It’s just a hole, but I work on it every day. A good hole like this one needs a lot of maintenance and constant refinement.”

“I see it is kind of a double hole.”


“Is there a special reason for that?”


“What do you do in this hole?”

“You see it’s in a shady spot so sometimes I sleep here. Sometimes I hide from Martha. I use it every day to ambush Teddy Bear T. Dog, my buddy and sidekick. He’s so dumb. I can hide here, and he’ll run right by me a hundred times a day, and he’ll still be surprised when I jump out. It’s a riot.”

“Do you have other holes?”

“Yes. I have many other holes. I have a hole beside the fence there, under the hanging bird bath. I like to sleep there when the weather is hot. It’s where the snow is, but not now. I have a couple of hobby holes here and there.”

“How does Martha feel about all these holes all over her yard?”

“We’re a team! She fills them in so I can dig them again!”

“You’re not mad when she fills in your holes?”

“Of course not! I love it. She understands perfectly that, except for the hole by the fence and this hole, that Holes come, holes go. You can dig a hole and, the next day you want to dig a new hole, and you fill the old hole with the dirt from the old hole. Happens all the time.”

“Do you have plans for any new holes?”

“If I feel like digging, I dig. If I don’t, I don’t. I don’t plan. How can a dog ‘plan’ a hole? Everything depends on the condition of the dirt and the way I feel. Sometimes I might want to dig a hole but I can’t even get a paw in the ground, even with big paws like mine.”

19 thoughts on “Talking to Bear about her Masterwork

  1. I agree with you, Bear! Planning is so overrated. If you feel like doing something–you do it! There is no plan for the genius of spontaneity.

  2. Our dogs will sometimes dig holes just for the heck of it. Other times is is to get at some subterranean varmint or for a bed. Long ago when I was a kid we had dachshunds. They would dig a full on burrow. When that happened it was dangerous to walk in the deep grass. You’d suddenly plunge knee deep into one of them.

  3. Bear gives so many excellent reasons for digging holes. Who could argue? I may just have to go out back with my…trowel.
    I really enjoyed this, Martha. Nicely done 🙂 (that Mamas & Papas song “Go Where You Wanna Go” started up in my head…)

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