Thanks to everyone who took the time yesterday to help me as I moved my OTHER blog ( over to this one. Everyone’s responses were very helpful, and I ended up making three pages — one for historical fiction, one for memoir, and the other for visual art. is now gone for good, it seems. Anyway, I haven’t been able to access it directly from a browser though I can still see it if I go from here which is probably good in case there’s stuff I want.

I don’t know why it didn’t occur to me sooner to do that, but I’m finding a lot of previously undiscovered good sense in these strange times…

I haven’t used the word “bud” in this post at all till now. I’m sorry.

20 thoughts on “Thanks

  1. I didn’t even realize you had a separate blog for your books and art. I like the layout of this – easy to see the books and the art! I’m not giving up politically speaking. The same thing that happened when Obama was elected can happen again – all the women who publicly professed GOP allegiance voted very differently in the privacy of the polling booth. Women can still change the outcome of this election we do make up a majority of US citizens…

    • Women can definitely do that. I’m not giving up, either, but I just turned down the local Dems — I said I didn’t want to make phone calls. I love being old in a way. I know how to say “No.” I don’t have youthful enthusiasm, passion and optimism but at this point in my life I have some wisdom. I said I would text… I won’t lose it texting people. I might lose it on the phone.

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