Quotidian Update 43.9.iv.7

WordPress wants more clams for my OTHER blog, marthakennedy.co. My plan NOW is to create a new landing page for THIS blog and pages for books and paintings. Since its inception a few years ago, I don’t think my “website” has garnered a dozen followers. I started making those changes yesterday, but a migraine interceded and you don’t stare at a screen long when you eyes and brain are giving you someone else’s acid trip.

In other news, driven by the migraine (???) I called another number to get help with my yard. And guess what…

As you see, Teddy is completely confused. It’s a really nice yard. I wish so much it were more accessible directly from the house. To get to it, you go out the back door, down a long ramp and through a gate. It’s quieter than “my” yard where the deck is and shady most of the day. I originally set it up as a garden and there’s a little cement slab I thought could be a patio but it’s just annoying. I think next year, though, I’m going to put the vegetables out there because there’s more sunlight.

Getting rid of the storm damage and making the yard safe from the coming autumn winds that may (god willing) be followed by snow was a job. The guy cut down most of two elm trees, dealt with the one threatening my garage and hauled everything away. He has another job here next month. Really nice guy, too. Everything I wanted in someone to help me with this stuff.

You can all relax now knowing that things here in the Back of Beyond are going on more or less normally. I hope the same for all of you.


12 thoughts on “Quotidian Update 43.9.iv.7

  1. A return to equilibrium is what the universe, this world, this country, and each of our bodies strives for on a daily basis. I’m not sure if it starts “out there” somewhere and eventually enters my being or if it starts with me and radiates outward… either way it is good when we have it! Hoping the yard has led to a greater balance (Teddy’s puzzlement not withstanding!)

    • Equilibrium is difficult these days. In any case, the fear of being hit by a falling branch or having one land on my roof is ameliorated for the time being. Maybe that’s as good as it gets. ❤

  2. What a satisfying sight to see all that mess cleaned up and gone. Not much else these days is so easily (well, relatively speaking) cleaned up.

  3. That looks great. Teddy would like a pool. If he can’t have that, you could set up a market garden and have a stall in the front yard selling veg!
    I heard of this great initiative where young people set up a community gardening group. They partnered with elderly people who had big gardens but were unable to tend it. This lead to wonderful, organic produce, sharing and new skills. Pre-covid of course.

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