Parental Advice

I don’t know how many girls get relationship advice from their dad more than from their mom, but I did. My dad had only ONE piece of advice and it found many ways to give it — little talks when we were in the car together, pop songs, at the supermarket, probably more. His words of advice were, “With men, MAK, follow the Monroe Doctrine.”


“Well the Monroe Doctrine, honey, established the policy that the United States would not enter into binding contracts with foreign powers. It would form ‘no entangling alliances’.”

“What’s an ‘entangling’ alliances?”

“It’s an alliance that you can’t get out of. Remember, MAK. No entangling alliances.”

My mom, on the other hand, when she DID give advice, just said, “Your dad doesn’t understand that women are different.”

I think he’d figured that out, wink wink.

Then this song came out and my dad bought me the 45.

29 thoughts on “Parental Advice

  1. I have two daughters and about 400 female students who still get my takes on life. I always told them to have A career and not a job. Also ya own place that way you can call 911 when fools pop in! Jajaja

  2. Isn’t it funny the advice we remember? Your dad’s is priceless (well, also your mom’s but in a different way). My dad majored in sarcasm so his advice was hard to disentangle (!).
    My grandfather, though, gave me advice when he found out I had a serious boyfriend (who I would eventually marry). “Wait for the ticket!” he said – very earnestly – across the table at a pizza restaurant. All I could do was nod. Keep in mind I was 20 πŸ™‚

  3. My mother didn’t give me any advice. My father only told me that if a man ever struck me in anger I was to walk away immediately and I would have a place at home. Now my grandmother gave me some very important advice. 1. It is as easy to fall in love with a rich man as a poor one – so fall for a rich one. 2. Pretty dishes don’t guarantee a good meal. 3. Take a bath with your husband – its lots of fun. hehehe! I think it took me several years to figure out #2, I think I was in college before it made sense. (I was sort of naΓ―ve).

  4. The second-best piece of advice I ever got came from my mother: she said: “Ron., don’t be an A**hole.” The best advice I ever got came from my father, who said, “Ron., listen to your mother.”

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