Drawing Lesson 4 — Coloring Your Apple

I wasn’t able to resist coloring the apple I drew the other day. The challenge of making videos is satisfying my need to do something creative and productive right now… So…

It’s very revealing. You will see holes in my sweatshirt. You’ll see fingernails that have never had a manicure. I got the idea of doing this video after I came in from cleaning up the yard and didn’t think about the fact that I was wearing my oldest sweatshirt. Perfect attire for wrestling with unwelcome elm trees, though.

Here goes, I hope you enjoy it.

12 thoughts on “Drawing Lesson 4 — Coloring Your Apple

  1. I love this! I have watercolor crayons by the same company as your pencils. I’ve mostly used them for face painting! Now I’m thinking I should drag them out too!

  2. I’ve missed out on your series, I think I’ll have to do some backtracking! This is great Martha. A seasoned weaver told me to always look at nature to determine colours that go together…that’s always been my stressor in starting a weaving project. The way you described this apple and noticed the colours is helpful to me.

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