Drawing Lesson 3 — Blind contour drawing

Anyone who really wants to draw should draw every day. The exercise I posted yesterday with the apple is the ideal daily practice. No, you don’t always have to draw an apple. 😉

This is a pre-drawing exercise that focuses on training your eyes and hand to work together. The purpose is to warm up your drawing muscles, all of them.

If you’re doing these exercises, I’d love to see your drawings.

One thing that’s happening on this end, I’m getting better at making videos and using iMovie video editor.

Here’s the apple exercise if you missed it.

Tomorrow I might go into color. 🙂 Thanks for watching.

4 thoughts on “Drawing Lesson 3 — Blind contour drawing

  1. Getting better and better. I did a lot of line drawing/blind drawing in school. Seemed that every art class I took started with this same exercise – usually drawing people though.

    • This is a common exercise in a drawing class because it works. I never enjoyed it but yesterday was kid of fun. There are other exercises I liked better drawing people like gesture drawing. But you can’t really do that with an inanimate object. 😀

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