Drawing Lesson 2 — Another Informal Drawing Lesson

For this lesson you need an apple, a pencil and a Conté crayon (or charcoal, chalk or a crayon). I apologize for the jumping around of the visual and the fact that the camera isn’t always “looking” at something. It was challenging for me to hold the phone, look at the subject (an apple) and show you my work. Maybe I’ll get better at it. 😀

10 thoughts on “Drawing Lesson 2 — Another Informal Drawing Lesson

  1. I watched ya YouTube video. Thank ya for being so instructive. Teachers are born and ya are A Natural; Robert Redford can swing a bat But young lady YA CAN TEACH! Woohoo 🙌

  2. Another interesting lesson! I like how it looks like an apple without filling in the whole outline – I would have automatically gone full tilt “coloring” it in. 🙂

  3. I’m not able to try to follow along now, but I love that I can come back to these videos later and give drawing a shot. Thank you for taking the time to make them!

    As a child, trying to draw, I was too much a perfectionist and quickly gave up, unable to meet my own high expectations. (Instead, I ended up using a pencil and ruler to draw house plans, which I loved. Go figure.) Now? Who gives a sh*t?! So I’m eager to start and see what transpires.

    • I think the only way we get over that is by learning to love to draw for its own sake and not for the product of our effort. That’s my goal. So far every grown up I know who’s giving this a shot has a history similar to yours. And really, who gives a shit? 🙂

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