The Lazarus Tree

Because the cranes are here and it’s chilly, I took Teddy out to find some refuge. It was a little challenging because there were cattle grazing next to the fence and Teddy is a herding dog. When he sees cattle he becomes incredibly excited and barky. This is breeding time for the herds who are old-school enough to rely on bull action and I noticed at least two in the field.

Other than the cattle, the first thing I saw was this patient osprey perched on a sign, looking for an easy meal.

Besides the osprey, there was a golden eagle circling the distant pond of geese and cranes. Winter is coming or whatever season is next. It’s hard to know with summer proceeding as it has been.

I kept driving until everything around us was Refuge and then we stopped and took our walk. In the distance were lots of geese and, I believe, a few Sandhill Cranes. Teddy’s level of alertness is incredible. He even sees birds in the reeds that I can’t see at all. I think when he gets better at this walking with Martha thing he’s going to be a great companion, spotting creatures near and far.

When we’d finished, I decided to take a road trip to see “the tree” from my painting. Teddy was happy because he likes riding in the car with me and listening to me sing. He is the only sentient being on the planet who likes that, so who am I NOT to give him that opportunity? We threaded our way along the “streets with no name” except things like “2 E and 5 S”.

I spotted the tree from quite a distance. It stands alone on a rabbitbrush plain. As Teddy and I approached (Singing “Africa” by Toto) I saw that the “dead tree” is not dead at all. I am renaming the painting “March” “Winter Tree.”

Teddy and I wound our way home, looking for a potato cellar I’d seen from a distance (no luck).

17 thoughts on “The Lazarus Tree

  1. I guess calling it the Lazarus tree is appropriate! Teddy is one smart cookie – hope a little maturity makes for a more relaxed walk on the wild side!

  2. Teddy and Martha walking by the 🌳 V I S I T ing … 1st comes love than the porridge, the memories we place in storage! The scenery is beautiful and ya lucky 🍀 🐕!🙏🐕♒️☮️🌈💪😷🗳🇺🇸

  3. That is one big flat expanse of land! And one tenacious tree to grow so big, all alone, no other trees to talk to, just birds for company. Your painting captures the mood well.

    The snow on the mountains surrounding your valley is gorgeous. A nice teaser of wonderful things to come this winter…

  4. Very cool to meet up with “your” tree and find that it is alive and seemingly well. What a fun day – I noticed only traces of snow left. A quick melt!
    Maybe over time Teddy will sing along with you (unless that’s already happening) 🙂

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