Thanks to the summer snow storm, which officially dumped 16 inches on Monte Vista, I have a huge mess to contend with. Half a tree broke off my neighbor’s excrescent elm and landed in my yard. Luckily, it didn’t break the fence. Another giant chunk of the self-same excrescence is looming dangerously over my garage. I’m waiting until next week to call anyone (since I can). The meteorological rumor is that next week temps will be in the 70s and the sun will be shining. And who knows? I might overcome my terror of chainsaws and take care of the branch in my yard myself (doubtful).

The City of Monte Vista was out yesterday cutting trees away from power lines. I’m bristling at what I’ll have to spend to deal with those trees, but it’ll be better than paying for a new garage roof. It’s just the kind of nagging problem that seems to have kept humanity going for thousands of years.

Like everyone else, Nature is easier to love when she’s being nice to you. On the bright side, the mountains are beautiful and Bear is blissful and no one will need to water anything for the rest of the year. And…

In other good news…

48 thoughts on “Chainsaw?

    • This storm broke a 9 month drought with the exception of a few thunderstorms in July. It’s the first snow we’ve had since December 2019. Crazy crazy year. I love nature best, too. ❤

    • I don’t know what the law is here. In California anything in your yard was your problem. Besides, I don’t really feel like getting into something with my neighbors. On one side it’s a nurse, on the other it’s an old man, his wife with Parkinsons. I’m not sure they have the wherewithal to deal with this any better than I do. I think they should be more responsible, but I’m not the God of responsibility, either.

  1. I think your neighbor should be responsible for the damage their tree has done to your property — I believe that in CA your neighbor’s tree would be considered to be in the neighbor’s yard, and you might have another problem for cutting the tree. It might be worth talking with them about it.

  2. You did it! You saved the day! ❤️ Your beans and tomatoes are now Survivors of the Snow. A glimmer of good news in this crazy time. The branch hanging over the garage sounds worrisome though. Hope it’s not too much $$. There’s always something….

  3. Bear looks precious. I’m so glad the plants survived, but what a mess indeed. My friend Kim has a new chainsaw. It’s small and perfect. I’ve used a large one before. Considering I can be klutzy it’s not a good idea for me to take too many steps with one in my hand. But if I were your neighbor you bet I’d be helping you. ❣️ what a crazy change in weather!

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