Summer Storm

I got up at 6 (not my usual thing AT ALL) and Bear and Teddy greeted me with the big news that it had SNOWED!!!! Bear nearly dragged me out the back door to see. I didn’t have the heart to tell her that I already knew…

Easily 20 inches in my yard. Broken tree in the front (city’s tree, not mine). I can see a lot of chain saw action happening in the next few weeks.

I suspect the snow is insulating the beans and tomatoes at this point

The dogs (who have been up and out since 5 am) have created an agility course out there. They’re playing hide-n-seek, chase and “roll in the snow” like clowns rolling out of a Fiat.

Find the Dogs

Normally I share my dogs’ rapturous feeling about snow, but seriously, this is absurd. It’s still summer. Towns, farms and ranches all through the San Luis Valley have been without power all night. There are downed wires and trees all over the place. Our little hospital is running on its generator.

I’m a little tired of living in historical moments… 😀

36 thoughts on “Summer Storm

  1. I saw the prediction on the news. I hope everyone is ok and that power is restored quickly. That is a huge change in such a short time.

  2. 2020 just keeps getting weirder. We’re surrounded by smoke and everything smells like a campfire. We usually have the best air on the planet. Not this week.

  3. Oh wow! We had snow in June once, in the UK. It was 1975 if I remember correctly. We had been to Birmingham on the train and came home and the sky went grey/orange. About six inches fell. We built a snowman. It was gone the next day x

  4. Holy cow!! It looks beautiful, but it’s still summertime!! Do you have power at your place? I am so happy for Bear, but….holy cow!!

  5. Well I guess the weather forecast was spot on for once! I can’t begin to explain the weirdness that is 2020. This seems to fit right in with all the other disasters and catastrophes we are experiencing…

  6. One more bizarre 2020 happening. Just add it to the list! Pure craziness in summer. I do hope your beans are insulated and survive. Glad the 3 of you are okay. 🙂

  7. Bear must think she’s in heaven — I hope she had lots of good rolling in that snow! And it’s great that Teddy enjoys it too! I know you would enjoy it if it were a couple of months later — but in early September, it’s wrong! I hope the beans survive — your having wrapped them is a lot like the frost prevention used on citrus in this area — they spray them with water, which freezes, thus stopping the cold at 32 degrees so the fruits don’t go into deep freeze!

    Our sky is yellow again this morning — it may stay cool again today — never cleared up yesterday! The fires are still raging, and now in Oregon too — unbelievable!

    • We have the weirdest forecast, “3 to 5 inches of snow tonight, freeze warning, smoke and ash.” The sun appears to be trying to come out and the alley is already muddy. I don’t know how much more fun I can take… 😀

      • That IS a weird forecast! snow, freeze, smoke and ash — they don’t go together! I seem to be at the inland edge of the marine layer today, which is mixed with smoke and something brown that’s not falling from the sky! It looks like the wins might have changed, too. I had lunch at a place closer to Saddleback Mountain today — it was blue sky as if nothing was wrong — and yet they were still keeping Monrovia evacuated! The days aren’t fun here when it’s like this!

  8. Twenty inches?! Wow, it would be pretty if it weren’t the beginning of September. I can see why the dogs are excited, though; I don’t imagine they pay any attention to the calendar? Yes, all this historical moment stuff needs to stop NOW. Stay warm and safe!

  9. Good grief, Martha, that’s extremely weird. I’ve never seen the like of that before, and it’s so thick too. Goodness knows what this says about climate change, but something must be going awry. I’m with you on being tired of living in times that will doubtless be studied in detail by the historians of future ages.

  10. Today is the first day since June maybe when we didn’t have a forecast high at least in the 90s. The smoke and ash is why. It blocks out the sun. Our own little version of nuclear winter,

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